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Amazon Request A Review Button

What Is The Amazon Request A Review Button

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Amazon request a review button. A lot of sellers and others may have questions about this button and what exactly the purpose is for it. In order to access the Amazon review request button, you will need to log into your seller central account. From there you will need to find the manage orders page and click on it. On this particular page, you will be able to select any order that you would like to request a review for. This is a great way to gain more business through Amazon. A lot of customers tend to rely on high rated reviews before purchasing an item.

With just a single click, you should be able to access the review button instantly. Once you access your seller central account.

Amazon Request A Review Button

The request review button is located on the upper right hand of your screen. Amazon will proceed to send a feedback request to the buyer on behalf of the seller right away. The buyer will then be able to follow the link once they receive it to provide feedback if they wish. Requests for feedback are only allowed to be sent to the buyer within 4-30 days after delivery of the order. There is no follow up requests allowed once the first one has been sent. Something else that the seller should note is that this is done manually from Amazon. Customized messages are also not allowed by the seller.

Amazon Review Request Button

Sellers should really take advantage of this request a review button because this can greatly impact their business. When customers are satisfied and happy, this leaves a good impression on your business. Other customers that are shopping around rely on these reviews to make a decision. If a customer stumbles across an item they really want but with bad reviews, they will be less likely to by the item. The same is true if it were the other way around. A buyer is likelier to buy a higher rated item on Amazon regardless of cost. Reviews mean everything to both customers and for flourishing businesses. Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace so both reviews and ratings mean everything.

One of the downsides to using this button for sellers in the past is that there was no way to send the email at once to all sellers. This was a bit discouraging for sellers to have to send out one request per order per customer at a time. Now there is a way that sellers can send out review requests in bulk. There is an extension from Jungle Scout that is built right into your browser that allows you to just hit a simple button. In order to access this option, you will need to log in to your seller account. Once there, you will need to click on “orders” and “manage orders.” On your toolbar, you will find a button labeled “JS.” This is the same step you will follow as if you were going to open an extension. You want it to allow for additional permissions. A “Click here for instant access” button will pop up, followed by another prompt for additional permissions. You will need to “allow” that permission.

Amazon Request a Review

Immediately after allowing for additional permissions on your browser toolbar, many orange buttons will appear on your toolbar. Your orders page will also refresh right away. One of those orange buttons will read “Request reviews on all pages.” For every qualifying order, a review is requested. Another neat feature that having this extension allows is instead of sending requests from an individual order’s page, you can now send the request directly from the manage orders page. This pretty much will save you a couple of clicks. Something else to note is that the button will not become available for you to click on if the order is not yet ready for a review or you’ve already sent an Amazon review request.

Amazon will not allow sellers to use manipulative language, or cherry-pick for reviews. This button is highly beneficial because sometimes sellers experience issues getting reviews on certain items. It’s worth clicking the few extra buttons to send out the review request since it can pay off for you in the long run. The review email to the buyer comes from Amazon itself and not the actual seller. This will also increase the likelihood of buyers leaving a review. They may feel a bit pressured to leave one if they see the email is coming directly from the seller.

A couple of other things to keep in mind is that the Jungle Scout extension does not allow the seller to customize a message. It is the same as if the seller were to send the request directly on their seller account page via Amazon. The only difference is that the Jungle Scout extension allows for a much faster way of requesting them. You will also not be able to send unlimited messages using the Jungle Scout extension. This feature only allows sellers to send one message to the customer.

The request a review button serves two purposes. The button allows sellers to request product reviews and it also allows for seller feedback. This is something that all sellers should take advantage of especially those who have businesses on Amazon. Once a buyer receives an email from Amazon requesting feedback the subject will read, “Did your recent Amazon order meet your expectations? Review it on Amazon.” The email will then be followed by a sentence that states, “Your opinion matters.” There are communication guidelines that Amazon sellers should stick to. Amazon encourages sellers to communicate with a buyer in regards to an order inquiry, or by using the canned request to send a review. However, Amazon discourages sellers from sending more than one feedback request to the same buyer. Amazon also discourages sellers including marketing or promotional messages of any kind to a buyer. Sellers will become successful if they follow those guidelines.

Sellers should remember to keep a few things in mind when they are using the request a review button. They cannot follow up with a seller after a couple of days. They also cannot customize the message. You cannot automate the review requests, but you can come close by taking advantage of the Jungle Scout browser extension. Helium 10 has an extension called Seller Assistant you should check out if you are looking to automate the process. The button does work for Amazon B2B sales and your brand will need to be registered through the Amazon Brand Registry in order to start requesting reviews.

It can be very frustrating to have great products but without any sales. This is why all sellers that sell on Amazon should take advantage of the wonderful Amazon request a review button. Please don’t forget to read the latest Amazon seller response policy on the A to Z guarantee. It can either be found directly through the seller account or it can be added to your browser extension through Jungle Scout. Reviews are great for providing seller feedback and for product reviews. Buyers tend to rely heavily on great reviews and great products. Reviews do matter. They can substantially create a positive or negative impact depending on the type of review a customer leaves. This is why it is important to also sell great products because in the end great products always equal excellent reviews. This is turn will increase revenue and flourish businesses on Amazon. Sellers have the option to send the review requests in bulk or do them individually by order.

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