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Good Amazon Sales Rank

What Is A Good Amazon Sales Rank

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What Is A Good Amazon Sales Rank?

One of the best ways to get your products noticed on Amazon is by achieving a good Amazon sales rank.

For those who haven’t come across it before, I’ll start with the basics.

An Amazon sales rank, also known as the Best Seller Rank or BSR, is an excellent way to estimate the demand for a product. The lower this number is, the better the rank.

The better the rank, the more likely it is that the product will find its way into Amazon’s bestseller pages.

Amazon’s Best Seller Pages

On Amazon’s best seller pages, they list 100 best selling items in each category and in its subcategories.

But only the top 50 items appear on the first page. And if the customer spots some really good products on the first page, they’re not very likely to bother with heading over to the second page. So getting in the top 50 for your subcategory is a huge advantage.

Amazon’s Best Seller Pages

(There are some schools of thought that say you should aim to have an Amazon best seller rank of 1, 2, or 3. But we would argue that that isn’t necessary.)

These bestseller pages will feature a picture of the product, the first few words that you have ascribed as a title, the average Amazon rating, and the price.

So, once you have got onto the bestseller page for your product category, you still have to work to entice the potential buyer to your product. If you have not done that already.

These bestseller pages are updated hourly, so if your products are in a competitive market, then you may see your product on these pages one minute and gone the next.

What Is A Good Amazon Sales Rank

How A Potential Customer Finds Your Product

However, not everyone who searches for products on Amazon automatically heads over to the Best Seller pages. More often than not, a customer will use the search bar to search for specific keywords instead.

Customers tend to favor this method, because it should bring up exactly what they’re looking for, not only in terms of what product they are looking for, but also what qualities they are looking for in said product.

How A Potential Customer Finds Your Product

They even favor this method over clicking on various category headings until they find the subcategory of products they are looking for.

And yes, having a good Amazon sales rank increases the chances of your product being featured on the page of results for those keywords. But, the best seller rank of your product is not displayed on this search results page.

The products are not necessarily positioned according to their BSR.

When this search results comes up, only one product on the page will be clearly labelled as a Bestseller. And to achieve this, a product has to be the number one best selling product for that category or keyword. 

However, it’s important to bear in mind that once a customer has brought up the search results for the product they are looking for, they are likely to go straight to the filter options.

A potential customer can then filter their search results according to average customer ratings, low price to high, or high price to low.

And this presents another opportunity for you to make your product stand out from the crowd. If your product is the cheapest around, customers may feel they need to look no further. And similarly for customer ratings.

Display Of Best Seller Rank On The Product’s Page

Most Amazon sellers typically have certain facts about the sale of each product on each product’s page. These typically include the item’s weight, dimensions, the date when the product was first made available on Amazon, and the best seller rank.

When a potential customer gets to your product’s page, they are more likely to be swayed by how well you present the product rather than what the best seller rank is. More often than not, potential customers will miss this little bit of information altogether. 

Display Of Best Seller Rank On The Product’s Page

It’s important to note at this point that while some products can fit into very wide and broad categories, such as Health & Household, or Sports & Outdoors, it is actually ranking in the various subcategories that will boost your product’s presence most effectively.

While your product may be one in a long line of say Sports & Outdoor products, it may be the very top product in the category of Golf Rangefinders, for example. 

So it pays to really give some thought about your product’s subcategories and keywords.

And remember it’s perfectly permissible to position your product under more than one subcategory. For example, a 2-in-1 laptop can fall under both the category of laptops, and in 2-in-1 laptops.

You can update your category and subcategories as you please and experiment to find which options drive the best results.

How Is An Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?

How Is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated

The exact formula for calculating the Amazon sales rank is yet to be disclosed. And we would argue that this is a good thing because it prevents people from abusing the system.

However, the main factor in what boosts an Amazon sales rank is the number of times a product is sold through Amazon.

And this includes both recent spikes in sales, and historic sales

But we have also learned that other factors are also taken into account to a lesser extent. These include a history of clicks onto your product page, historic keyword ranking value, the product inventory level, the product rating, and whether you pay for Amazon sponsored ads.

Do You Really Need To Have A Good Amazon Sales Rank?

As we mentioned earlier, having a good Amazon sales rank can help your product page to be seen by potential customers. However, customers do not always start a hunt for a product from the Best Seller pages.

Do You Really Need To Have A Good Amazon Sales Rank

This is why placing the right keywords in your product title can really help your product be seen when a potential customer searches for those keywords. And this can often be more important than the product’s actual best seller rank.

But the BSR is by no means the only spec worth looking into. Amazon also keeps track of the most wished for items via the best seller pages. This is a good way for high end expensive products to be seen.

And similarly, Amazon also features pages which list the newest arrivals in each category, which is great for products that have a low lifespan or in industries where updates and innovations are more frequent.

Ways To Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank

How To Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank

One of the more effective ways to boost your Amazon sales rank is to advertise on Amazon.

But this is by no means the only way to do so. You can increase the chances of a potential customer landing on your product page by doing more marketing in general. On your own website if you have one, and also via social media.

And as we mentioned earlier you can optimize your product’s keywords too.

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Wrap Up

So, in short, you would do very well to get your product listed with an Amazon Best Seller Rank between 1 and 50 in order for it to show up on the bestseller lists. And anything over 100 won’t help you in this regard.

But you also need to optimize the keywords of your product’s title in order for customers to find your product when they search for the relevant keywords.

Bear in mind that Amazon is a very competitive platform for selling products on, with a lot of competition. So if Amazon is your only retailer, you may have to put a lot of work in to keep your product getting noticed.

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