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How Jungle Scout Inventory Manager Can Boost Your Efficiency

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The key to effective inventory management is maintaining optimal levels of stock. Too much and you’re wasting precious money on storage fees. Too little and you can get products to customers in an efficient time frame. Knowing how much product you’re moving, as well as how much you have on hand at any time is vital to successful planning. Plus, when you’re able to exceed the expectations of your customers, they’re more likely to purchase from you again and leave you stellar reviews.

 Enter Jungle Scout. This set of intuitive tools allows you to manage all of the aspects of your Amazon business. Relied on by seasoned sellers for their inventory management capabilities, Jungle Scout can save you time, money, and the stress that can come with meeting the demands of customers. The Jungle Scout Inventory Manager’s proprietary program was designed with Amazon FBA sellers in mind. It provides access to valuable inventory insights and data-driven solutions.

The Basics of Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

This Amazon FBA inventory management software is designed for use by both new and experienced sellers. Whether you’re selling a few products or hundreds of them, clear inventory reporting and projections are vital. Using key data points, the tool helps you determine the optimal amount and timing of product orders. Even with your inventory stored at Amazon’s fulfillment center, the tool allows you to access real-time info and accurate stock levels.

Key Features of Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

There are some useful features integrated into the tool that take the guesswork out of monitoring, tracking, and forecasting your inventory.

Real-time inventory tracking: Stay on top of your stock with clear and accurate numbers. You’ll be able to stay informed of the quantities of all of your products so you can better understand and optimize your inventory storage.

Sales analytics and performance metrics: Having a keen insight into your sales data is the only way to make truly informed decisions. The Jungle Scout Amazon inventory management tool provides you with pinpoint performance metrics. These allow you to see how your products perform so you can create an ideal sourcing strategy. 

Demand forecasting: Jungle Scout’s tool utilize intuitive data analysis to provide valuable insights. With the demand forecaster, you can better predict future demand for your products. 

Inventory optimization: Finding that just-right inventory level is key to solid sales and satisfied customers. With the tool’s inventory optimization feature, you can avoid stockouts and costly overstocks. 

Low-stock alerts and automatic restocking: Don’t waste precious time and effort trying to stay on top of your inventory numbers. With low stock alerts, you’ll get notified when your stock is low. Plus, you’ll be provided with helpful restocking recommendations so you can plan orders strategically.

How to Manage Amazon Inventory with Jungle Scout

With a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, you’ll find that learning to use the Jungle Scout Inventory Manager is quick and easy.

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Setting up Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

First, you’ll connect your Amazon FBA account with Jungle Scout. This will give you a hub to monitor and manage all aspects of your sales, including your inventory. 

Uploading and syncing inventory data 

Tracking inventory and sales data: Use the dashboard to keep a watchful eye on inventory levels. Color-coded indicators make it easy to see which products need to be reordered soon or urgently restocked. 

Leveraging demand forecasting

With the dashboard, you can easily analyze sales data and forecast future sales numbers and the profitability of each reorder. This also allows you to predict how much demand you’ll have for products so you can restock accordingly.

Optimizing inventory levels

Maintain the right levels of stock and avoid erroneous re-orders with data-driven inventory optimization. Products with overstock or excess stock will be clearly indicated to help you deter long-term FBA storage fees.

Utilizing low-stock alerts and restocking recommendations

Automate your inventory management and reorder efficiently with low-stock alerts. You can set these to your predetermined parameters and use the tool’s automated restocking recommendations to plan the optimal timing and quantities of new orders.

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Benefits of Using Jungle Scout Inventory Manager for Amazon Sellers

There are multi-faceted benefits to using the Jungle Scout Inventory Manager, and many can save you time and money.

Improved inventory accuracy and visibility

Just because your inventory is kept at a fulfillment center doesn’t mean that you can’t have accurate visibility of your stock numbers. The inventory manager allows you to tap into your real-time data so you can closely monitor your products.

Reduced stockouts and overselling

Overselling can lead to frustrated customers and stockouts may mean you lose your chance at new ones. Keeping your products in stock allows you to seize on your target market efficiently. Knowing exactly when to reorder ensures that you always have product on hand and ready to ship.

Cost savings through optimized inventory

While FBA is a convenient method for fulfillment, it does come with costs. Cut down on these by avoiding unnecessary storage fees caused by too much overstock. The Jungle Scout Inventory Manager can help you forecast future sales and reorder accurately to reduce your FBA costs.

Streamlined inventory management processes

The intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage all aspects of your inventory, in one simple place. Evaluate stagnant products, check on low stock, and manage reorders in a centralized hub. This efficient process streamlines your inventory management so you can focus on other areas of your sales strategies.

Competitive advantage in the marketplace

When it comes to Amazon selling, there’s no shortage of competition. Being the most efficient, responsive, and proactive gives you the best chance of success. With an efficient inventory management tool in your corner, you can ensure that you are making the most of your stock and optimizing your inventory accurately.


Managing FBA inventory doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming. The Jungle Scout Inventory Manager allows you to streamline the process and keep an eye on your product at all times. Plus, with automated features and pre-set alerts, you can be confident that the tool is keeping an eye on your stock, even when you’re not able to. 

No matter what stage of the Amazon selling journey you’re in, the inventory manager is a can’t-miss asset. You’ll see firsthand how it can make planning your inventory more efficient and cost-effective. Plus, with the other Jungle Scout solutions and features, you’ll have the tools to take your overall sales strategy to the next level.

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