Jungle Scout Discount

Jungle Scout Discount and Promo Code

Last Updated on October 16, 2020

Want to get up to 30% off the Jungle Scout plan? We’ve got the biggest discount available – no one beats our exclusive coupon. Just follow any of our links to the Jungle Scouts website and the jungle scout discount will be added automatically just like magic.

[ Our Jungle Scout Discount Code ]

To use the Jungle Scout Discount Coupon Code just Copy/Paste “PROJECTFBA” during checkout to get this exclusive deal. 

Should I Choose Jungle Scout?

If you are serious about starting an Amazon FBA business then Jungle Scout is absolutely worth it. Jungle Scout offers two products and you can get both Jungle Scout and Extension in one 30% Off Bundle for the discounted price of $149. If you are looking to start a real company or wanting to learn more about product research and Amazon FBA selling it is definitely worth the investment. The discounted price of Jungle Scout pays for itself in no time.

About Jungle Scout

The Amazon Seller’s Marketplace is a near universe of people just like you trying to thrive in a fiercely competitive marketplace. It can be tough to know what to sell, when to sell it, and how to sell it. Do your customers want just general product information and little else? Do they want a personal touch and some personality? Above all, how are you going to offer a satisfying shipping experience and know-how to stock the right products at the right time? Jungle Scout is a software program that’s designed to work perfectly with the Amazon Marketplace, seamlessly integrating all of your selling functions into one big universe of success.

Nothing is that easy, though. It takes work. It takes research. Jungle Scout’s massive feature list sets the stage for your online seller success on Amazon. We’re here to give you a complete rundown of every major feature of Jungle Scout so that you can determine if it’s the right tool for you. Any entrepreneur has to bring their own skillset into the game. A single software program can’t do it alone, but with the right captain at the helm of Jungle Scout, your business can become very big very quickly

Jungle Scout Features

Jungle Scout has been a powerhouse in the Amazon software market for as long as it has been around and has recently just updated just about every tool in the suite.

  1. Product Database
  2. Product Tracker
  3. Opportunity Finder
  4. Supplier Database
  5. Keyword Scout
  6. Academy
  7. Sales Analytics
  8. Inventory Manager
  9. Launch
  10. Alerts
  11. Rank Tracker
Please read our full Jungle Scout review to give you a more in-depth look at what the software suite has to offer. 

Jungle Scout Accuracy

Jungle Scout Vs Helium 10

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout Pricing

The best pricing available for Jungle Scout in 2020! Check out our Jungle Scout Promo Codes below:

The Basic plan is $19/month 30% OFF)! PROJECTFBA Jungle Scout Discount code

The Suite plan is $49/month (30% OFF)! PROJECTFBA Jungle Scout Discount code

The Professional plan is $84/month (30% OFF)! PROJECTFBA Jungle Scout Discount code

Jungle Scout Discount

How do I use Jungle Scout Discount Code?

  1. Click on this link 
  2. Choose which of the Exclusive discounts you would like to use by hitting “get started”
  3. Create a new account with your email and password
  4. The Jungle Scout discount will have been applied to give you the best price.
  5. Get started right away and dig into some product research! Good luck!

Jungle Scout Discount

Coupon Code = PROJECTFBA

With our exclusive Jungle Scout discount, pricing starts from as low as $19/month for the basic plan.

As you can see from the Jungle Scout accuracy graph above the overall error percentage was down to 15.9% Vs Viral launches 20.7% error percent.

Jungle Scout uses a custom in house algorithm called Accusales. It uses many data points collected over the years from Amazon and its sellers to estimate Amazon sales. 

Absolutely, you can reach out to customer support and cancel your plan. Also downgrade or upgrade your plan as you wish. 

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