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Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch Coupon Code & Review

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Viral Launch Coupon Code – Exclusive Deal

Are you looking for the latest working Viral Launch coupon or Viral Launch discount codes? Your search ends here! 

Viral Launch is your go-to solution if you’re an Amazon seller trying to improve your product rankings, boost sales, and maximize profitability; it is one of the original Amazon seller tools and is still one of the best.

Viral Launch has helped sellers generate over $10 billion in revenue from the marketplace. 

Even better, in this post, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to use these discount coupons, ensuring you get the most out of your Viral Launch experience. So read on to learn how to use this tool, whether you’re an experienced seller or just getting started.

Viral Launch Exclusive Lifetime Deal

Viral Launch Coupon

Viral Launch is recommended by Amazon sellers from beginners to experts. Start using Viral Launch now. 

Viral Launch Discount & Coupon Code - 40% OFF April, 2024

Viral Launch is offering one of the best tools for the Amazon marketplace, they are always moving with the changes and updating software to ensure the product is of a super high standard. Viral Launch has generously given a nice discount coupon code for Project FBA readers.

Viral Launch



Note: These are the latest Viral Launch coupon codes available.

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How to apply Viral Launch coupon code

Ok great, so I have the latest Viral Launch coupon code PROJECTFBA but how can I activate it to get my discounted 40% Off?

Step 1: If you clicked one of our magic Viral Launch coupon codes on this page you will be redirected to a custom landing page that looks like this. 

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Step 2: Click on “Sign up”

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Step 3: Create your account

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Step 4: Complete your payment information and make sure you apply the PROJECTFBA code

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And that’s it! Now you will start your free trial, explore the magnificent tools Viral Launch offers, and start your path to success!

Viral Launch Overview

The main features available from the viral launch software suite include:

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Keyword Manage
  • Kinetic PPC
  • Split Testing

The first four of these tools can be used from day one during the product research stage. So, whether you are just a beginner on Amazon or a regular user, these tools will work for you.

Why should I use Viral Launch?

Here are a few reasons you should seriously consider Viral Launch.

  • Use the product discovery tool to identify profitable products quickly.
  •  Quickly estimate sales and market trends to validate your idea with the market intelligence tool.
  • Perform keyword research for highly relevant keywords extremely fast. 
  •  Reverse engineer your competitor’s success with reverse ASIN lookup.
  • Optimize your listing.
  •  Keep track of your most important keyword metrics.
  • Launch your Amazon product effortlessly 

What Is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch Discount

Viral Launch is a platform that helps you to grow your Amazon FBA business. It focuses on many things like product launches, list optimization, product discovery, keyword research, optimization, and more. Some of the Viral Launch tools include Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Kinetic PPC,  Keyword Research, a Listing analyzer, and a listing builder in the Viral Launch packages.

Viral Launch is known for its features like product discovery, market intelligence, keyword research, and competitor intelligence. The best part of Viral Launch is that you can access an incredible collection of Amazon’s data, which helps you get detailed insight into various products, making it one of the best tools to manage your Amazon FBA Business.

Who is Viral Launch for?

If you have read the upper portion of this Viral Launch review, then by now you are well aware that this platform provides different services to their customers. Now whether you are looking for products to invest in, you want to promote the products that you are already selling, or even if you want to check on your competitors, then it is definitely a great software for you.

You can get different Viral Launch plans at different prices. The Viral Launch subscription plans are flexible and affordable, so cost won’t be a problem to start with this platform.  Especially if you decide to use one of our Viral Launch coupons. Let’s look at some of the pricing plans Viral Launch offers.

You can get different Viral Launch plans at different prices. The Viral Launch subscription plans offered are very flexible and affordable, so cost won’t be a problem in getting started with this platform.  Especially if you decide to use one of our Viral Launch coupons. Let’s take a look at some of the pricing plans that Viral Launch offers.

Viral Launch Pricing& Plans

Viral launch pricing plans 1024x386

What every plan covers

  • Robust Data & Automation: You have the greatest advantage thanks to Viral Launch’s data science team, AI-powered insights, and billions of Amazon data points.
  • Amazon Strategy Resources: Gain access to courses, guidelines, and video lessons designed to make you a successful Amazon seller.
  • Seamless Integration: Your most crucial company goals can be easily achieved with the help of all of Viral Launch’s solutions when used together.
  • Expert Assistance: You may use the Viral Launch platform to its fullest potential with the assistance of the amazing customer experience staff.

Viral Launch Plans

Essentials ($69/Month)

  • Amazon product filtering
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Browser research extension
  • Advice & guidance
  • Global data
  • Use Viral Launch Coupon Code “PROJECTFBA” for the best discount

The Pro Seller ($99/Month)

This plan is really great for sellers who want to dominate the market space by having a competitive advantage over other sellers.

  • Amazon product filtering
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Browser research extension
  • Advice & guidance
  • Global data
  • Use metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales, and price trends
  • Competitor monitoring
  • SEO & listing optimization
  • Rank tracking & alerts
  • Listing health analysis
  • Use Viral Launch Coupon code PROJECTFBA to save up to 40%

Pro Plus Ads (199/Month)

Brand builder is a perfect plan for sellers who are aiming to build a successful brand of their own by using data and automation.

    • Amazon product filtering
    • Keyword Search Volume
    • Browser research extension
    • Advice & guidance
    • Global data
    • Use metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales, and price trends
    • Competitor monitoring
    • SEO & listing optimization
    • Rank tracking & alerts
    • Listing health analysis
    • Robust Amazon advertising platform
    • Detailed advertising analytics and data
    • Create & customize your own automations
    • 24/7 campaign monitoring & adjustments
    • Organic + PPC keyword tracking
    • Save up to 40% on the Brand Builder with the ProjectFBA Viral Launch promo code

Amazon Product Launch

A launch is a substantially decreased promotional offer designed to raise brand awareness and direct outside traffic to your Amazon listing.

As mentioned before, this is used to rank your product higher and outsell the competition by getting page-1. Let’s take a look at the plan for launching your products through this software.

Uber Launch ($200/One Time)

Exclusive features

Is Viral Launch Worth the Price?

TLDR: Yes, using the Viral Launch coupon PROJECTFBA you can save up to 40% OFF, making this a deal too good to miss out on.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by private label sellers and it is definitely a valid question to ask because of the cost of Viral Launch. Now, if you are looking to introduce your product and you have no clue how to rank it on Amazon’s first page then this software can help you in achieving that.

As mentioned previously in this Viral Launch review article, you know that associating with viral launch, your product will be showcased among thousands of buyers who are always looking for good deals. So, you need to give Viral Launch discount coupon during this giveaway process, so the customers can make a decision to buy your product easily. And more purchases will help you to be ranked at the top of page 1. But this is all theoretical, things can be different practically. So, is there any guarantee that my product will be ranked at the top of page 1?

If we look at Amazon’s present algorithm, product sales do play a great role in ranking your product. So, yes, you will see results, absolutely. But there is one problem, replacing the sellers who are selling their products organically on certain keywords is not very easy. To overcome this problem, you might need to continue your launch for a longer period of time. The reason is that your launch sales will come from external sources. No doubt these external sales are going to be helpful, but Amazon is not going to replace organic sellers very easily unless your launch lasts for quite some time.

Now, it is interesting to know that Amazon keeps on changing its algorithms from time to time. There are also rumors going on in the FBA sellers’ market that Amazon has changed its algorithms and giveaways are not as effective as they used to be.

But still, product giveaways are helping the sellers to rank their products in the Amazon listing. But many sellers have shared their experiences where their product listing ends up on page 2 or the bottom of page 1. The sellers cannot achieve the top spot on page 1, no matter how many units they give away for how many days. Amazon is not bringing down the listing of existing sellers with organic sales, as organic sales and review counts keep you on top of page one.

It sure is by using the Viral Launch discount code “ProjectFBA” to grab the latest offer. 

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

Viral Launch’s Chrome extension is an effective and powerful tool that lets Amazon sellers conduct online product research and analysis from their browsers. While browsing Amazon, customers with the extension installed can quickly acquire important information and insights about the products, competitors, and market trends.

The plugin also provides a seamless connection with other Viral Launch services, giving users access to extra features and functionalities for in-depth product analysis and optimization.

The Latest Additions to Viral Launch Chrome Extension
  • Keywords Tab: In addition to the four existing tabs, they introduced a new Keywords tab with important information from the Keyword Research tool. (Sellers, Trends, Analysis, and Calculator). 
  • Related Search Terms: The extension now offers related search phrases by utilizing the ARCS algorithm and a rich database of Keyword Research data.

  • Google Trends Integration: Besides having access to estimates of the number of searches on Amazon, you can now check Google Trends to discover how popular a search phrase is elsewhere.
  • Research your competitors: Viral Launch has recently added Competitor Intelligence, a reverse ASIN lookup feature, to the Chrome extension so you can see how a specific ASIN is performing across important keywords.

You may get the Market Intelligence extension for Chrome for free. However, you’ll need a membership to the Essentials package in order to access all of the information offered.

How Does Viral Launch Compare?

Viral Launch Vs Jungle Scout comparison

So, is Viral Launch worth the price? Yes, it is a great piece of software if you are new in selling on Amazon, it will get you more buyers and definitely get your impressions. Especially using our Viral Launch Promo code PROJECTFBA. It can be quite good in kick-starting your business and take you to a point where you can get organic buyers. We hope this Viral Launch Review was helpful for you if you are looking to buy it for your Amazon FBA business.

Country Viral Launch

Viral Launch Coupon FAQ

Project FBA has the latest coupon codes each month; we update them on this page. 

Viral Launch is a comprehensive software platform created to help Amazon sellers raise their products’ visibility, boost sales, and maximize profits.

Yes. A free trial is available for certain of Viral Launch’s services. However, depending on the particular service or product, the free trial’s availability and length may change.

Yes. In the account settings section, you can upgrade your Viral Launch subscription on the Viral Launch website.

Yes. You are always free to end your Viral Launch subscription. Usually,  Viral Launch provides flexible subscription plans that let you reduce or cancel your subscription whenever you’d want.

Yes. Viral Launch offers customer service to help people with questions and technical problems. In addition, they provide several support channels, including live chat, email, and a knowledge base with commonly asked issues.

Yes. Amazon sellers can get training and educational materials from Viral Launch. In addition, they offer blog posts, webinars, ebooks, and video tutorials.

Viral Launch primarily targets the American Amazon marketplace (Amazon.com). However, they also offer a few tools and services that may be useful for other Amazon marketplaces, such as those in Europe and Asia.

Viral Launch Promo Codes 2024

The latest Viral launch discount code for April, 2024 is “PROJECTFBA” which offers a lifetime discount of 40% off Viral Launch subscriptions and packages. 

Viral Launch has been generous enough to offer Project FBA readers an amazing discount of 20% Off Discount Coupon for monthly packages and 40% off annual subscriptions, use the Viral Launch Coupon Code PROJECTFBA to receive a 40% discount today!

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