Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch Review

We all know that getting started with an Amazon FBA Business is not a difficult thing at all when you weigh up the pros and cons (1.). But the real task is to find profitable products, introduce them on Amazon, do a research about the products, find the right keywords to rank your products along with many other things, which in the end enable you to run a successful online business.

And you might think that doing all this manually would actually be a very difficult, if not an impossible task. Well the answer to this is definitely a YES. But fortunately, there are Amazon FBA Tools out in the market which we can rely on. But as there are many tools available, the question arises that which tool should you trust in to get the best results. Who has the most accurate data, the best features and can grow your Amazon store to the next level.

Not sure? Now as we all know that there are some pros and cons of every tool that is available to you in the market. Our goal is to find a platform that will help us grow our Amazon FBA business along with managing all the necessary tasks. And today we are going to do Viral Launch review which is known to be all-in one solution for your any Amazon FBA Business.

Viral launch is offering dominant tools for Amazon marketplace. No matter where you are standing in your Amazon FBA Business journey, Viral Launch is always there to help by offering creative services that will assist you in generating the maximum revenue and conquer your competitors and a nice discount code for Project FBA readers.

In this article we have given a thorough Viral Launch Review which features, products, services, pricing and more. So, without a further due, let’s get started.


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What Is Viral Launch

Viral Launch Discount

Viral Launch is a platform with helps you to grow you Amazon FBA business. It focuses on many things like product launches, list optimization, product discovery, keyword research, optimization and more. And this is to be noted that Viral Launch is more than a product tool as it en-capsules many features and specification which can help you to manage your Amazon FBA business easily and earn more profit than ever.

Viral Launch is known for its tools like Viral Launch product discovery, market intelligence, keyword research and competitor intelligence. The best part of Viral Launch is that you can have access to an incredible collection of Amazons data which helps you to get detailed insight about various products. This database is available to all the tools of Viral Launch and because of this feature, Viral Launch is one of the best tools to manage your Amazon FBA Business.

Viral Launch Review: Tools and Features Breakdown

Giving this Viral Launch review, the very first thing to talk about is the viral pad which is basically your account’s home base. All you need to do is log-in your account and you will gain access to a dashboard which contains your entire software suite. This dashboard enables you to access tools, check out helpful resources, modify your subscription and much more.

In this section we are going to check out each tab along with some of the most important features this software has to offer.

Now, the first thing when you log-in to your account is that you will be directed to a homepage. Here you will be able to see any new announcements and featured content. Now you will see a bar on the left side and when you hover over it, it will expand, showing you all the tabs that are available to you. The first seven items available are the main viral launch software tools which you can use to improve your business. These seven tools include

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Keyword Manage

Let’s break down all these tools one by one and see what they have to offer. The first four of these tools can be used even if you have not got any product already and they basically provide you research of products that are available on the amazon. So, whether you are just a beginner on Amazon or a regular user, these tools will work for you. 

Product Discovery:

This tool is actually a product finder and it enables you to quickly pick up and identify profitable products to invest on Amazon. In the product discovery tab, you can enter whatever you are looking for in the product category. Whereas in the search tab you can search for different product ideas. You can search by checking the desired category and you will be given a tailored list of products’ keywords, brands and categories that matched your criteria. The Pinned Ideas tab will show you the products discovery searches that were saved by you. Using a product discovery tool has following advantages:

  • Offered Personalized Results
  • Options for Faster Research
  • Comes with Smarter Sourcing
  • Better Results with Data-Based Accuracy
  • One of the fastest ways to find more product opportunity


Market Intelligence:

It is a very good market research tool that helps you to keep track of top sellers and also dive deep into markets to validate your product ideas. Market Intelligence offers you helpful metrics like product idea scores, sales estimates, market trends and more to help you make informed sourcing business decisions. In this tab you will find Search and Pinned sub tabs along with a third tab where you can download the market intelligence chrome extension. This lets you research markets and check out monthly sales numbers right within the Amazon.

Keyword Research

This is a keyword tool that helps you quickly identify highly relevant keywords along with showing you tons of insightful metrics. Here you input a seed keyword and through a series of algorithms, keyword research returns a sorted list of the most important keywords related to your term. Alongside Amazon search volume, historical trends, CPC bids and keyword scores help you to determine which keywords are most important and how to prioritize each one for your Amazon products. You will find Search and History tabs for the searching and reviewing the history of the products.

  • Reverse Market lookups
  • Amazon Search Volume Data
  • Historical Search and Volume Trends
  • Integrated with The Software
  • Capitalize right on the low competition keywords

Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence is a very good reverse ASIN tool that offers you unprecedented insight into how well your competitors are exactly doing in the market. All you have to do is enter a product ASIN to get hold of a massive list of the top performing and underutilized keywords. With this tool you can not only analyze and keep track of on which index the keywords are ranking, see the sales history, but you can also set up a notification to get an email when any sort of changes is occurred. All this will help you to always stay a step ahead of your toughest competitors.


  • Hunts the top performing keywords
  • Capitalize on keyword opportunities
  • Use for product research
  • Use for listing optimization
  • Used for ongoing monitoring as well
  • Keyword Search Volumes
  • Index Checker
  • Sponsored Rank Tracker
  • Hourly Keyword Tracking
  • Product Compare

Now, the second set of tools which you’ll find in the bar are designed for existing products where you will optimize and automate your ongoing processes. Let’s discuss each one of them one by one.

Listing Builder

Listing builder is an interactive tool which enables you to write your listings that are totally friendly and optimized for Amazon SEO in a very easy way. This tool will give you the ability to sort your keyword list the way you want it with perfect optimization score, which will ensure that you never skip an important keyword and hence you’ll never miss an opportunity to make a sale. By navigating on the Listing Builder, you will fine two tabs, one is Builder and the second is the History tab.

Listing Analyzer

This tool provides you an insight of your keyword listing by providing your listing keywords’ strength, weaknesses and opportunities. By using this tool, you will be able to understand how your product competes with the top seller by receiving complete competition analysis, plus you will also get great improvement tips in the listing section which will eventually make you select the most important keywords for your product. Keep in mind that with the listing analyzer and keyword manager, you will need to get viral MWS and seller central access, so that viral launch can pull in your product catalog.

Keyword Manager

This is a very detailed dashboard that enables you to keep track of your most important keyword metrics in a very well-ordered way. This comprehensive tool offers you more keyword data for your product than any other tool available in the market. It features very powerful tools like a classic index checker and rank tracker, plus some other great features like badge notification, search volumes, sponsored ad rank, position indicators and more. All these features will help you manage, organize and improve your keywords, thus help you rank your products higher in the Amazon listing.

All of the above tools that we went through integrate together really well so that you research, optimize and automate your processes in a very user-friendly way.

Now as we have discussed some of the tools that viral launch offers there are some other features and services we need to look as well. So, let’s take a look at them.


Under the keyword manager you will find the launch tab and upon clicking, you will see two sub-tabs i.e. Launches/Promotions and Creatives. The firsttab is where you can set up and run deeply discounted promotional giveaways for the purpose of increasing your keyword rank. Think of this as improving your Amazon SEO or trying to get your product to page 1. This typically looks like giving away a set number of units at around ninety percent off for a period of seven to ten days. Let’s see how a this all works

A launch is actually giving discounted promotions which increase your sales and your keyword ranking on Amazon. All this helps you to capture more impressions, more clicks and more sales. It basically helps you to drive two things

  • Drive exposure: This is done by placing your product in front of thousands more shoppers
  • Drive sale: As your product is being visible to more shopper, it will definitely improve your sale.

Now to run it, Viral Launch requires you to input some information which includes:

  • Target Keyword: what keyword you want to use
  • Duration: how much long do you want your launch to run
  • Units to Give: The number of units you are looking to give
  • Promo Price: The discounted price of your product
  • Coupon Codes: How much discount you are giving as coupons

After receiving all this information, viral launch system will handle distributing those coupon codes and driving the actual sales. So, viral launch will distribute the coupons on their own buyer deal site. This buyer site is made up of a couple of hundred thousand Amazon buyers who are all looking for good deals. Obviously viral launch has not disclosed the name of the site which is in the best interest of the sellers, and they don’t want it to be used as some sort of a product idea tool.

Now after distributing the coupons on a buyer site, the buyers are taken to your Amazon listing and each of the sale is targeted to the chosen keyword with the use of a specific URL. With all the sales being driven through the keyword you provided; your listing starts increasing in rank. If all the things worked perfectly, then you’ll end up on page 1 and you will have exponentially more visibility. After that the goal is for your product to convert organically well enough to maintain that position and then continue selling among the top sellers in your market.

Under the Creatives subtab, you can find photography and copywriting services. Viral launch has in house Amazon photographers who provide stunning white background and lifestyle photos of your product that are in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service and designed for maximizing your click in your sales. The copywriting team provides fully optimized listing copy, designed for high exposure and sales which include a title, bullet points, description, back-end keyword and keyword research. Clicking on to each one of these items will take you to the ‘Creatives’ checkout page, where you can purchase a set of photos or an expertly written product listing. Using Viral Launch’s creative services, you will get the following perks:

  • Drive Clicks
  • Increase Conversions
  • Improve the Brand Identity
  • Offers Stunning Photos
  • A mix of White-Background and Lifestyle Images too
  • Photos Created Based on Expert Market Analysis
  • Photos Developed to Drive Clicks and Conversions
  • Includes use of Model(s) if Necessary
  • Professional Post-Production as well
  • Professional Shot-list & Branding Consultation
  • Extra photos for Selection and External Use

Split Testing

Upon clicking you will be taken to a free A/B split testing tool called Listing Dojo. Here you can split test your listing elements such as your images or price to determine what’s most profitable for you.  Companies like Big commerce and  practical ecommerce can vouch for the Viral launch software. (1,2) proving again how legit the Viral Launch software, Team and CEO Casey Gauss are. It comes with following features.

  • Comprehensive Statistics
  • Set and forget the platform
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Has highly illustrative data
  • Has a simple and intuitive design
  • Run during the promotions
  • The stats are on the go 

Who is Viral Launch for?

If you have read the upper portion of this Viral Launch review then by now you are well aware that this platform provides different services to their customers. Now whether you are looking for the products to invest in, or you want to promote your products that you are already selling, or even if you want to check on your competitors, then it is definitely a great software for you.

You can get different services at different prices. The pricing plans offered by Viral Launch are very flexible and affordable, so cost won’t be a problem in getting started with this platform.  Let’s take a look at some of the pricing plans being offering.

Viral Launch Pricing

Beginners Research kit ($50/Month)

This plan is particularly made for beginners that are looking out for next great products to invest in.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (3)
  • 24/Customer Support

Viral Launch Signup Free



The Pro Seller ($83/Month)

This plan is really great for the sellers who want to dominate the market space by having competitive advantage over other sellers.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (3)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis (50)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (2000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (30)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Brand Builder ($125/Month)

This is a perfect plan for the sellers who are aiming to build a successful brand of their own by using data and automation.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (100)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis (100)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (5000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (100)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Data Hunter ($333/month)

This plan is specifically made for the seller who want unprecedented level for data and analysis.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (250)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis (250)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (15000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (300)
  • 24/Customer Support

Pricing Plans

The Product Launch

As mentioned before this is used rank your product higher and outsell the competition by getting page-1. Let’s take a look at some of the plans for launching your products through this software.

Master Package ($2500/Month)

  • 12 products included
  • Unlimited promotions
  • 90 days or shorter promotions
  • +$400/month for 3 additional products

Viral Subscription ($450/Month)

  • 1 product included
  • Unlimited promotions
  • 90 days or shorter promotions
  • +$300/month for each additional product

Uber Launch ($400/One Time)

  • 1 product included
  • One promotion
  • 15 days or shorter promotions

Is Viral Launch Worth the Price?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by the private label sellers and it is definitely a valid question to ask because of the cost of Viral Launch. Now, if you are looking to introduce your product and you have no clue how to rank it on the Amazon’s first page then this software can really help you in achieve that.

As mentioned previously in the article, you know that associating with viral launch, your product will be show cased among thousands of buyers who are always looking for good deals. So, you need to give Viral Launch discount coupon during this giveaway process, so the customers can make a decision to buy your product easily. And more purchases will help you to be ranked on the top of page 1. But this is all theoretical, things can be different practically. So, is there any guarantee that my product will be ranked on the top of page 1?

If we look at Amazon’s present algorithm, products sales do play a great role in ranking your product. So, yes, you will see results, absolutely. But there is one problem, replacing the sellers who are selling their product organically on certain keywords is not very easy. To overcome this problem, you might need to continue your launch for a longer period of time. The reason is that your launch sales are going to come from external sources. No doubt these external sales are going to be helpful but Amazon is not going to replace organic sellers very easily unless your launch lasts for quite some time.

Now, it is interesting to know that Amazon keeps on changing its algorithms from time to time. There are also rumors going on in the FBA sellers’ market that Amazon has changed its algorithms and giveaways are not as effective as they used to be.

But still product giveaways are helping the sellers to rank their product in the Amazon listing. But many sellers have shared their experiences where their product listing ends up on page 2 or the bottom of page 1. The sellers are not able to achieve the top spot on page 1, no matter how many units they are giving away for how many days. Amazon is definitely not bringing down the listing of existing sellers with organic sales as organic sales and review counts keep you on top of page one.

So, is Viral Launch worth the price? Yes, it is a great piece of software if you are new in selling on Amazon, it will get you more buyers and definitely get you impressions. Especially using our Promo code PROJECTFBA. It can be quite good in kick starting your business and take you to a point where you can start getting organic buyers. We hope that this Viral Launch Review was helpful for you if you are looking to buy it for your Amazon FBA business.

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Viral Launch Review We all know that getting started with an Amazon FBA Business is not a difficult thing at all when you weigh up the pros and cons (1.).

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