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Splitly Review For Amazon FBA Sellers

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Amazon has steadily become the dominant force over the past few decades. Improving your product listings on competitive marketplaces like Amazon has become a skillset top Amazon seller must have if they want their business to succeed.

In response to this, seller tools have emerged one after the other to ease the burdens of hardworking sellers looking for an edge over their rivals. Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Sellics, CashCowPro, Viral Launch and FeedbackWhiz are just a few of these tools that can help make your Amazon FBA business a success. Splitly, a niche tool armed with several features that the above tools don’t have. It is believed by its creators that Splitly will reduce the wrinkles on the faces of the amazon sellers due to its ease of use and mind-blowing effectiveness, we will be the judge of that!


As of September 15, 2021, Splitly is no longer available. Jungle Scout, one of the leading all-in-one platforms on the market, has seller features to manage every aspect of your business. Learn more by reading out Jungle Scout review.

What is Splitly?

Splitly AB Testing

The best way to describe Splitly will be to accommodate its official description, which declares Splitly to be the best deck of optimization contrivances, created to introduce effortless excellence to private sales using Amazon.

Primarily, Splitly is a specialized split tester, with a robust list of additional features that would still serve sellers well if they stood alone. For people who are engaged in Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), this arsenal of optimization tools become even more important, as continuously improving your listings is the only way to get true profit from any business listed on Amazon. After all, the cruel reality is that businesses that are already established in the first few pages of a listing search are bound to retain their spots with increased conversions, leaving the others with an ever-imposing mountain to climb. How then, can you climb up that ladder?

Through split testing and a myriad of other powerful features like smart auto-repricing, Splitly promises to help you do just that. By utilizing artificial intelligence to compare data obtained from your competition and the market, you can maximize your profits while improving awareness about your products and services without personally handling any brain-draining calculations.

What then, is Split Testing?

Splitly Amazon FBA AB testing

The conventional method of improving visibility in online markets like Amazon or Walmart involves changing listings at odd hours, spending hours sieving through current information gathered from Seller Central Daily, analyzing the collated data for new patterns and threads in spreadsheets and formulating new listings for their products through rigorous calculations, manipulations, and guesswork. Split-testing, on the other hand, is a procedure that experiments with certain alternatives to determine which of them gets the best response from the target clients. The alternatives being tested can vary between the listing content and infographics that will best attract buyers or product pricing ranges that will best solidify their interests. Whatever the case, split testing determines which mix or combination will improve the visibility and attractiveness of your product.

Splitly Features

AB Split Test Amazon

Amazon Split Testing

One unfortunate experience that Amazon sellers might find familiar, is spending hours on end as well as valuable effort and money in making up new content, designing new images and shaking up the prices of products only to find out that the entire endeavor was a waste of energy. Split testing is aimed at reducing the degree of uncertainty in the optimization of data listings for increased page conversion, sales, and an improved rank.

What’s more? With a tool like Splitly, split testing is even easier, to be honest, and thus, it is easy to understand why Splitly expects to become every FBA seller’s favorite Amazon Virtual assistant, especially since it carries out these tests with minimal involvement from the users. Unlike most split testing tools that compare current data and leaves you to make choices, like a listings calculator, Splitly proactively searches out for ways you can improve on the methods and descriptions you are employing.

Using its imbued algorithm, Splitly conducts tests that compares varying values of all the different elements – keywords, prices, descriptions, images, highlights, titles, etc. – of your listing, and scientifically evaluates the best combination that will boost your rankings and sales on the ranking system of Amazon (dubbed A9).

Fascinatingly, apart from its unique split-testing algorithm, Splitly delivers some other fascinating tools aimed at making sure you record continuous growth in your sales profile. They include:

Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking

Splitly’s enormous influence in the Amazon landscape is exemplified by the sophistication of reports accessible to you through this feature. With the keyword rank tracker, you can regularly monitor the ups and downs of your keyword standings, as well as the keyword ranking of your competition, while pointing out which circumstances caused any variation, whether positively or negatively through the historical reports.

When combined with the other features of the Splitly platform, the efficiency of this function multiplies as it directly helps you to imply which listing optimizations affect your Amazon ranking, and in what way. By doing this, you not only stay on the good side of your engagement metrics for your customers, but you also earn the favor of Amazon’s ranking system by planting the most effective keywords and reaping higher conversion rates.

By studying the depressions in your ranking charts you can split test the circumstances surrounding that event to develop better alternatives to avoid such pitfalls in the future too.

Amazon Price Optimization – Profit Peak

Change is constant, and because of that, the market is perpetually fickle. No matter how good your listing rank on Amazon is, if you fail to capitalize at the right moment or don’t know to compromise at the right moment, you are failing. Splitly makes that truth a lot less scary, by offering to take the decision of when to change your price, off your hands.

To some people, this function is even more valuable than split testing because of how much it affects the day-to-day running of the business model. After getting an acceptable optimization from your split tests, you can decide to pause split testing, but manipulating your price according to the fluctuating market is something you should not do without. Splitly ensures that the price that your product is offered to the customers at, does not affect your profits while holding your customers’ attention. That is precisely why it is advised to keep Profit Peak activated if you are using Splitly.

Of course, most of the charm is in the fact that you no longer have to be involved in the information gathering, analysis or calculations that you would normally have to do, and dread. Instead, the easy-to-use Splitly uses the data it has on the availability of stock for you and your opposition to determine the best price that will maximize your sales, without harming your profit.

Additionally, the data gathered on the available stock regarding the demand and supply of your products is instrumental in inventory administration.

Splitly Listing Optimization

Splitly Pricing

Seeing all these advantages has probably made you think about how much freedom you’ll get to do some other things that will help your business fly eve higher. However, with it promising to do so much, you could already guess that it wouldn’t be for free. If you did, then you should note that there are four pricing plans for the Splitly tools.

The basic ‘Starter’ plan goes for $47, in exchange for three concurrent tests, A/B tests, as well as 100 keywords, all of which are available only in European and US markets. The biggest drawback of this pricing plan is the obvious absence of Profit Peak, the product price auto-regulating tool.

The ‘Growth’ pricing plan, worth $97, includes the Profit Peak feature, as well as an increased 10 concurrent tests and 500 keywords compared to the ‘Starter’ plan.‘Business’, the third-tier pricing plan, is worth $197, with 25 concurrent tests and 1000 keywords allowed for subscribers to this plan.

The most expensive Splitly plan, ‘Enterprise’, offers an amazing 5000 keywords and 100 keywords at the top-shelf cost of $497. The offered services on this plan are sufficient to serve the largest sellers on the Amazon marketspace conveniently.

Splitly A/B Tests

Ignoring the fact that it uses complicated algorithms to automate the split testing and decision making processes instead of merely presenting the comparison data like most split testing software, Splitly keeps a reliable record of all appraised variations and the associated values and information from split testing. On this foundation, sellers can develop more effective strategies to perfect their product listings. Perhaps most importantly, all these advantages and bonuses are all obtained without you having to lift a finger, figuratively speaking.

Does Amazon Allow Split Testing?

Profit Peak Splitly Amazon

Splitly has received documented assurance from the Amazon service center since the 16th of December, 2016, that users will not be sanctioned for changing their listing details frequently, even through third-party applications. This means that as far as split testing goes on Amazon through Splitly, it is a completely safe process for Splitly users.

How Much Control Do I Have While Using Splitly?

Considering the aim of the platform is to relegate you to from the driving seat, most of Splitly’s processes are designed to automatically learn processes and make smart decisions without your input. Nevertheless, there are some fail-safes you can engage on the platform. For instance, if you don’t fully trust the Profit Peak feature, even though it is built to consider the market response as it aims at giving you the maximum profit at every point in time, there is an option to set a maximum and minimum price to help you feel more secure about any probable decisions by the Profit Peak feature.

How can Splitly Help Grow My Amazon FBA Business

Evaluating the performance of your Amazon listings can be quite an exhausting job, however important. Worse still, you must do the calculations consistently to get an accurate overview of your business course. With Splitly, you not only have features that can effortlessly help you get a better bearing of where your listings are, but you also get a good grasp of where you can improve or optimize your product listing elements to get better exposure for your business.

Also, by gathering data from your niche rivals and the supply and demand of goods, its additional features like Profit Peak can help you seamlessly adjust to any economic climate on Amazon to get the maximum profit value at each moment, while keeping your customers satisfied.

Is Splitly Worth using as an Amazon FBA Seller

There are currently no marketplaces that can boast as much sales rivalry as Amazon. Staying on top of the competition used to mean being a connoisseur of online sales, while having a non-substitutable wealth of experience. Now, with Splitly, standing out is achievable, and efficiently so, that it might just be more useful to rely on the platform for direction.

Also, people who are understandably set in their ways of doing manual product listing optimizations, can also benefit from the testing abilities of the Splitly platform to get the best combinations for their product listings and simulate the market response to new compositions.

The price range also gives every size of business a choice, even though the absence of the Profit Peak feature from the ‘Starter’ pricing plan honestly makes it an ugly proposition compared to the others.

All in all, Splitly delivers everything it promises and can be operated with tremendous ease, and that earns it a spot at the very top of Amazon third-party tools for FBA sellers.

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