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What is Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon FBA web-based tool that helps sellers build a profitable Amazon FBA business. Jungle Scout software makes finding your next product even easier with data-backed metrics from Amazon allowing sellers to make informed data-driven decisions.

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Jungle Scout Review

Table of Contents

The Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension

There is no second thought to the fact that Amazon has become a trusted name among buyers who prefer online shopping. This makes it a huge online marketplace where many sellers have got success from the platform by selling their Amazon products. The good thing about Amazon is that if you want to become a seller on Amazon, you can get started for free and with an investment of $1500-$2000, you can launch your own private label brand. Once your product gets launched, all you have to do is keep the product in stock and monitor your sales and the passive income will follow. Looks so easy, isn’t it? No, it’s not that simple.
In today’s competitive world, every retailer aspires to become a top seller on Amazon but before starting their entrepreneurial journey, there are some common questions which come in mind, such as:

  1. What niche should I choose to get success with Amazon FBA Selling?
  2. How to find my product in a way that ensures it will be a success?
  3. How to find quality suppliers and source products?
  4. What is the right price range for my first product?
  5. What’s “too expensive” or “too cheap”?
  6. How much revenue should I expect per month?
  7. How to do competitor research effectively?

and the list goes on and on and on…

You can get all your questions answered and achieve this dream of becoming a top seller on Amazon through Jungle Scout pro which has become the go-to tool for newbies to taste success on Amazon. It comes with both the web app – Jungle Scout Web App and Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. They both work well together and address different needs related to product research. The tools can assist you in building a profitable business on Amazon by uncovering products hiding in its extensive database.
With Jungle Scout Web App, you can discover your next profitable product without having any second thoughts over its performance. With centralized product research using powerful exploration and tracking features, you can easily scale your Amazon FBA business based on data-driven decisions. Leaving us with the question, does Jungle Scout have the most accurate Amazon sales estimate?

Jungle Scout Vs Helium 10
Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch & Helium 10

The Jungle Scout Web App is as easy as using an app on your phone and apart from that, it comes up with extensive training guides, videos, and 24-7 customer support to remove all sorts of obstacles in your path to success.
Read the Jungle Scout Review below to know some of the main features of the Jungle Scout Web App and how they help you as an Amazon seller in your selling business.

Find a supplier with Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Features

Product Database

The Jungle Scout Web App gives you access to filter Amazon’s database by category, sales, price, etc. It helps you find the potential sales items that may be hidden in the depths of Amazon’s stocks. Apart from this, you can also track your competitor’s activity over time which will give you an idea about the potential sale of the product before you invest your hard-earned money on it.

You can’t be a seller unless you have something valuable to sell. Jungle Scout has the most comprehensive Amazon product database ever put into a software program, all at your fingertips and easily searchable. You can get ideas on what products are selling right now, what products might sell in the future, and what products are going to actually turn a profit for you. It’s like having a synopsis of everything on earth that people buy on Amazon.com. Businesses sell products, and your Amazon business is only going to do that if you pick the right ones to sell. Jungle Scout’s database of alternative Amazon products is nothing short of amazing.

  • Product Database: With this feature, you can easily sort the products using powerful new filters such as product category, demand, price, average sales, rating, review counts, seasonality and much more to help you reach to the best product niche without wasting your time on digging through Amazon’s millions of products. Here are some of the filters options you get in the tool:
    • Categories: You can select or de-select the categories based on your search preference. For example, being a beginner seller, you might want to avoid categories such as electronics, as they have parts which can break easily, you can deselect the category to refine your search.
    • Price: You need to find a sweet spot when it comes to product selection based on price. If you select a lower priced item, it will take time to make money as Amazon FBA seller and storage fees will reduce your profits and if you select an expensive item, it will be costly for you to purchase.
    • Rank: According to the e-commerce experts, anything under 8,000-10,000 rank can do well on the platform. You can check the sales estimation of the product based on its rank. A sale of 3oo units p/m should be a good minimum number to start with.
    • Reviews: You can filter out your results based on the number of reviews. Some people like to invest in products with less than 50 reviews as there will be low competition in that segment.
    • Rating: Lower rating can be an opportunity score for you to beat your competitors by coming up with a better high-quality product.
    • Weight: This is an important metric to keep in mind while searching for your product niche. Lighter items will lead to lower shipping costs which push new sellers to look for items that are lower than 2 pounds.
    • Other: Apart from these, you can filter your searches based on keywords, product tier, listing quality, number of sellers, etc.

Product Tracker

All of the Jungle Scout’s product research software is based on the AccuSales algorithm which is considered as the world’s most accurate Amazon sales estimator. It employs a team of PHD data scientists viewing over 100 million points of data to deliver unmatched and unbeatable analytics. It gives you complete assurance over the accuracy of the data and confidence to make those big decisions.


Product Tracker: Though Product Database is a good tool to get preliminary results, but sales estimates could be more accurate with the Product Tracker tool. It gives a clear idea of the sales of the products that you are most interested in. All you have to do is just add items from the Product Database to the Product Tracker by clicking the “+” sign placed next to an item. It tracks sales for the added item and gives you more accurate results on how well the product is performing in terms of sales.

With this Amazon product tracker, you can spy on your competitors to know exactly how well they are doing in the marketplace. Just put their products into the product tracker and peek into their day-to-day sales, their pricing, their inventory, all with a single click. This will save you a lot of time which gets wasted on collating information into spreadsheets. You can also add items directly from Amazon to the Product tracker by just entering the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). If in case the item is not in the Product Tracker, then it might take a few days for the Jungle Scout to gather sales data on it.

Apart from this, you can verify your product ideas by adding the product on the Product Tracker, monitor your products over time to remove the seasonality risks and shifts in the demand. With the Product Tracker tool, you can launch your next amazing product confidently, backed up with accurate and up-to-date information.

The products you sell on Amazon are going to be the lifeblood of your business. It’s vital to have a reliable forecast of just how those products are expected to perform in the future. Jungle Scout’s new features include a product tracker that tracks sales estimates for specific products over time. What are they projected to sell in the future? By having a ballpark estimate of future sales, you can decide how prominently to stock those products and even discontinue ones that aren’t performing well.

Keyword Scout - Updated

Keyword Scout: Keyword Scout is the youngest member of the Jungle Scout family. With Keyword Scout, you can generate thousands of keywords which you can use in your listings and Amazon PPC campaigns. Apart from this, you get access to real-time bid costs, search volumes, etc. Using keyword-level insights and customer search trends, you can build better product listings, drive extra sales and increase your brand exposure. Currently, Keyword Scout is only available in the US marketplace for Amazon keyword data but very soon the users will be able to use it for other marketplaces as well.

The keyword scout allows you to discover niche keywords based on the searches performed by real Amazon shoppers
It helps in determining the demand for the keywords
It gives you the search volume for the keywords you are interested in
It helps you in understanding the relevance of the keywords related to your product
It helps you save money on Amazon PPC campaigns
It gives you accurate suggestions for the bidding amount of each keyword for Amazon PPC ads.
It helps you rank faster for your target keywords
To use Keyword Scout, you just have to enter a keyword of your interest or ASIN for an existing Amazon FBA product. The tool then returns with all the data regarding the keyword such as exact search volume, broad search volume, the relevancy of the keyword to the product, PPC bid amounts, the recommended number of giveaways, keyword suggestions, related keywords that shoppers are searching and much more.

Keyword Scout tool is included in all the plans – Startup, Standard and Business for the Jungle Scout Web App, so you don’t have to worry about this tool.

Real-time keyword trackers perform what no other feature on earth can. They let you know what’s selling on Amazon right now, down to the millisecond. As a blossoming entrepreneur, you can capitalize on these keywords and tailor your descriptions and titles to nail those keywords and land you high in customer results. Keywords are a huge part of success in every online venture, but it’s do or die critical in Amazon sales. You have to know what people are searching for in order to show up to them at all. Without a good keyword tracker, you’re virtually invisible on Amazon. That’s why Jungle Scout created this feature. It’s one of their most important.

Listing Builder - New Feature

If you have used one of the Helium 10s first tools called scribbles you will be familiar with this listing optimisation feature.  Jungle Scout listing builder is super useful to ensure you use the correct keywords in the right place. 

Listing Builder

Once your start adding content to a new or existing product page, the tool will rate your listing using the content creator scale. A fully optimised listing will return a score of 90-100.

The listing score is based on the following criteria:

  • Product Title (20 points)
  • Product Features (20 points)
  • Description (10 points)
  • Keywords Used (20 points)
  • Back End Search Terms (20 points)
  • Images (10 points)

Supplier Database

Supplier Database: With this feature, you can reduce your research time on doing a manual search on the supplier database and find quality suppliers in seconds. The tool shows you only high-quality factories with a valid shipment history. You can see the suppliers, their top customers and their verified shipping records from all over the world. This will help you find and validate suppliers for your Amazon FBA products instantly.

What is the Jungle Scout Supplier Database?

Jungle Scout Supplier Database is a search engine that helps to track suppliers, manufacturers, and traders for any Amazon product. You can easily search for a supplier by their company, products, or supplier name.

This tool was built mainly for Amazon FBA. It is a necessary tool for online suppliers to find out what products to sell on Amazon since not all products are profitable and in-demand.

There are more than 353 million products available on Amazon on various marketplaces across the globe. To start selling your product in the right market, you need to analyze all this data which can be cumbersome. Jungle Scout makes your research more comfortable and helps you decide on your product niches and suppliers.

With the right amount of effort and tutorials, you can start using the Jungle Scout Supplier Database according to your needs. Some features of this tool are limited to the US, but the rest is open for all marketplaces.

You can track your suppliers by adding them to the Supplier Tracker to see their communications and compare quotes. You can also add products to Product Tracker to help decide the perfect niche. Just with a click of a button, you can start analyzing and making the necessary decisions.

It has a web application as well as a browser extension. Both are very useful in their own ways. The browser extension works directly on the Amazon web page whereas the web application works on another tab of its own. If you need to know about specific products directly from the Amazon website, then you can opt for the chrome extension else the web application might be suitable.

Finding Suppliers FBA Products

As a supplier, you want to make the best profit with minimal investment. Suppose you want to sell a product, it should have a good demand to make a profit. How to find such products? Is there any tool that can list the products?

Finding the right suppliers for FBA products requires time and effort. It is not easy to find the right supplier that not only boosts your company’s reputation but also lands you a decent margin of profit.

Jungle Scout can provide you detailed information about any product being sold on Amazon by just searching for it. You can select the products that are in high demand on Amazon and make sure that you sell them too.

Whenever you search for a product generally, there may be thousands of results. You can remove the unwanted results by adding filters to your search terms.

If you want to search only for a category of products, you can select a category and filter the results.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Jungle Scout Supplier Database helps to know about the suppliers, their sales, and their customers. This feature mainly helps the manufacturers to validate and verify a supplier to sell their products.

Deciding the right supplier for your product is crucial to a profitable Amazon business. Jungle Scout provides multiple filters to choose from starting from marketplace to products.

You can search for suppliers in three ways – Product, Company, and Supplier.

1. Product –
When you want to sell your product, you search for suppliers established for that product and then validate your options accordingly

2. Company –
You can search for suppliers of a particular company for your products.

3. Supplier –
When you want to know about a specific supplier that you have found on Amazon, you can use this method. It will show the complete details about the available supplier.

Finding a Supplier with JS

As we saw above, there are three ways to find the right supplier for your products. There are multiple suppliers for the same product, and sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right supplier. You need to consider many variables to decide on the right supplier.

There may be some malicious or corrupt suppliers, and you can mostly find them by judging their ratings or reviews. A great supplier may have four and above rating, whereas a bad supplier will have 3.5 and below ratings.

If you do not want to include the suppliers from any region, then you can unselect that region under ‘Country of Origin.’

Jungle Scout can help find the suppliers based on three categories – product, company, supplier.

1. Product ASIN
Once you know which product to sell, you can copy the link or the product ASIN from the URL and paste it in the search bar. The results will contain a list of top suppliers with their total shipments, customers, and quantity.

You can always validate your suppliers before dealing with them, especially since they can bluff and cheat their way into a deal.

To choose a high-quality supplier, you can check their ratings and have a look at their customers. You can also obtain the contact info of the suppliers and contact them for any information. If the suppliers supply well-known businesses, then you can be more inclined towards them.

2. Company
You can also find your suppliers if you know the company of the product that you are looking to sell. You can head over to Amazon and find the company name. Then you select the company option and enter the name. The results provide you total imports and the top suppliers of the company products.

3. Supplier
The best way to find out the supplier name is by browsing through the product supplier details on Amazon. Once you know the name of the supplier, select the supplier option and type in the name.

The results show the number of customers, total shipments, and list of customers. Based on these results, you can evaluate your supplier based on their experience or your preferences.

What does a reliable supplier look like?

With multiple suppliers available for the same product, it can be a mundane task to choose a reliable supplier. You need to take into consideration multiple factors to select a supplier. With an increasing number of suppliers, there’s bound to be some bad ones amongst them.

The internet is a market of scams, and people make a profit out of these scams. It is crucial to use specific tools to identify a reliable supplier and save your business from getting scammed.

Generally, there are four types of suppliers on any eCommerce platform – drop shippers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidators. You need to be wary of liquidators as they are the ones who mostly scam others. If you need to sell goods in a huge quantity, then you can go for wholesalers. Drop shippers are the middleman between manufacturers and suppliers; they do not have the product stored instead depend on another entity to take care of the delivery.

How to identify a reliable supplier?

A reliable supplier is ideally a supplier that has an excellent rating on Amazon and has a decent amount of customers. Generally, a supplier with 4.5 ratings can be considered as a reliable supplier, and a supplier with 3.5 ratings or less is a wrong supplier.

Other than this you can consider the following factors to find your reliable supplier-

Shipping method
You do not want to pay your suppliers any extra money to help in shipping your products. Once you pay them, you expect the suppliers to handle all other costs.
Delivery time
Online suppliers are valued concerning their delivery time. If your products are delivered faster, the customers will be satisfied and provide you a better rating. Higher the rating, the more chances the customers choose your service.
If the suppliers are referred to you by others who are already in the business, then the chances are that you do not have to conduct detailed research on them.

We all at one time or another want to sell something, but in order to sell something, we have to know where it is, how to obtain it, and how to get it to customers. Suppliers are those middle men who make sure that your customers get what they ask you for, and Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database is excellent at matching you with suppliers that fit into your business and shipping model. 

Niche Hunter - Updated - Now called Opportunity Finder

What is Niche Hunter jungle scout?

One of the most difficult things is to find a profitable niche on Amazon, especially if you are a first-time seller, you might have many obvious questions in mind such as:

    • Which category should I start with as a first-time seller?
    • What are the top categories to start in and the ones to avoid?
    • Which niche has the highest competition and which the lowest?

The Scout Niche Hunter is the best part of the Web App as it helps you to find the most preferable niche to do business depending on various parameters such as demand, competition among other relevant criteria. It helps you analyze the opportunity in a specific product/niche by revealing the top ten seller’s performance metrics. If you have the idea about the products that are high in demand, you would definitely want to provide more of those products to enjoy the benefit. Apart from this, you can also get Listing Quality Scores for any keyword you want.

The tool gives results based on the Jungle Scouts algorithm that evaluates the listings of closely matched competitors and determines whether launching a given Amazon product would be a good idea or not.

The Jungle Scout Niche Hunter provides a lot of information for keywords and products but it is advisable to check the related training videos on how to use Jungle Scout Niche Hunter to extract the best from this tool. If you can’t trust your instincts, have no or little knowledge about finding the best profitable niches, and need facts and figures then, Niche Hunter is for you. The functionality comes with the Standard and Business Plan which we will talk about later in the article.

If you are an Amazon seller, you might have an idea of how to find a private label product for you to sell. The majority of the sellers use Amazon’s data to find out how well each of their products sells on the platform. One of the key metrics to determine a product’s demand is to check the Best Seller Ranking (BSR) for the product on Amazon’s product pages. The lower the BSR, the more sales the product makes.

You can check a product’s average monthly sales through its BSR on Amazon. Take the BSR and put it into Jungle Scout Estimator tool which is free and can be used to check the estimated sales per month for each product.

You can try the Free Sales Estimator Tool shared here: 

But this free tool can give you the performance of a single product at a time which can be time-consuming if we want to see the performance metrics of multiple Amazon products. Don’t worry, this Jungle Scout review has got you covered with its Jungle Scout Chrome Extension guide.

Product Database

Opportunity Finder

Sometimes the best product opportunities are the ones you haven’t even started selling yet. Is there a product that’s going to sell big in the coming months, and you haven’t even had it on your radar yet? Opportunity finder can help you find a niche you haven’t explored yet and put it on your radar for good. Missed opportunities come back to haunt businesses more than just about anything else. Sometimes there’s a product that’s hot for a couple of months and then falls off completely for good. Opportunity finder is designed to do just what it says: help you find opportunities to capitalize on profits from niche products that might not always stick around. Get it while it’s hot or you might not get it at all is the logic behind this feature. And it’s solid logic.

Jungle Scout Launch

The latest Jungle Scout review is a feature called Jungle Scout Launch and its helping Amazon FBA Sellers increase sales through automated customer service email outreach. Now you can launch and promote your Amazon Private label products directly within the Jungle Scout app.

Remember Jump Send? Jungle Scout has just recently migrated all features into Jungle Scout. Jump Send is now a site for shoppers only.

The Seller plans start at $49/month, scaling upwards based on the user’s number of orders per month. You can use Jungle Scouts Price estimator to give you and idea of what Jungle Scout Launch would cost based on your monthly orders.  It includes all the features currently in Jungle Scout: Product Database, Product Tracker, Keyword Scout, and our recent release, the Supplier Database.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers need to know what products are selling and which ones aren’t. Launch is a feature that does just that. Jungle Scout Launch does just what it says in its name: Launch your product/business by giving you an unparalleled number of Amazon seller tools designed to give you a complete view of the marketplace as it exists now (and for the next few seconds). We all know Amazon changes constantly. Prices change. New competitors launch their own businesses. New products flood the market, and some of them catch on quickly. You have to be in the loop about every area of selling, and that’s what Jungle Scout strives to give you. It succeeds.


Do you know everything about selling on Amazon.com? Have you finally mastered everything and figure you can go it alone from now on without any help from anyone? Of course you haven’t! As a seller, you know there’s always room for improvement, and your best way of becoming an 8 figure seller is to learn from them firsthand. Jungle Scout’s “Academy” is a series of training courses taught by those famed 8-figure sellers. Their easy to follow sales courses add to your body of knowledge and help you apply their techniques to your own markets. Best of all, the courses are fun and serve a practical purpose (increasing your sales and service to customers).

Sales Analytics

Business reports are often broken down into two components: sales and expenses. Your Jungle Scout sales analytics are a perfect picture of how much you’re spending compared to how much you’re making, and that bottom line number is often the best indication about whether or not you need to keep doing what you’re doing or change up your game plan. Sales analytics are an important part of similar programs, but no one gives you an easy interface quite like Jungle Scout does. You need crisp, clear graphs, charts, and visual depictions of what your sales and expenses look like so that you can visualize your future plan better.

Inventory Manager

When you customers want to buy something from you, it has to be there to be supplied. Running short on inventory can be detrimental to any business, but in the fiercely competitive marketplace, it can be a deal breaker for many customers. If you don’t have what they’re looking for, they can easily find it in hundreds of other stores. Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager lets you keep track of which products you have stocked, which ones are running low, and which ones you don’t have at all. Hopefully with the proper use of Inventory Manager, you’ll never run out of a favorite product – or any product – again. When customers ask, you have it.


You need to know what’s going on with your Amazon store at all hours of the day or night, and Jungle Scout’s alerts feature is a game changer. You’ll always be alert to critical events like hijacks or pricing changes across your product line. Pricing your products properly at the right time can be the difference between a sale or a very unhappy customer. Price matters. Buy box changes matter. You need to realize what’s happening at all times. Jungle Scout new features are full of items like alerts that make you more aware of the state of your business and the competitive marketplace changes all around you. Knowing isn’t even half the battle; sometimes it’s the entire war.

Rank Tracker

Your keyword’s connection to rank matters because it shows how well those keywords are performing. For example, if you have a primary keyword you’re targeting toward customers, and you don’t rank at all in the first few pages of results, you’re in real trouble of being obsolete as an entity on Amazon.com. What Rank Tracker does is let you see where you rank on all of the keywords that you’re attempting to rank on, as well as they ones you rank on for reasons you might not know. Monitoring keyword performance on Amazon is one of your most important missions as a seller and will play a large part in how well your business performs on there. Jungle Scout makes it easy to see an overview of your keyword’s performance as well as many smaller stats that give you more insight.

Jungle Scout Review - Chrome Extension

With Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you can not only find the performance of multiple products in a single search but also discover how profitable a product niche is by simply clicking the “JS” chrome button on an Amazon search page. The chrome extension will create a spreadsheet in less than 10 seconds having an estimate of sales for each and every product listed on that page.

The tool will give you access to all the key information metrics mentioned below:

  • Average Monthly Sales: Gives you an idea about the average units of the product being sold in a month.
  • Average Best Seller Ranking: The lowers the BSR, the better it is for your future sales.
  • Average Price: The price shouldn’t too high or too low.
  • Average Number of Reviews: Gives you an idea of how competitive a product is.
  • Opportunity Score (Requires Pro version): This rates each product niche on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the absolute best and 0 being the worst.

Apart from this valuable data, this amazing tool will help you get:

  • Seller Data: This will give you a clear idea about the seller of the product, whether it is FBA seller, a merchant seller or Amazon itself.
  • Google Trends: You can find if your product is a seasonal product or it is popular all year round by analyzing the Google trends for the product.
  • Historical Rank and Sales: By clicking on the BSR and average sales for each product, you can analyze how well the product has performed over time.
  • International Compatibility: The tool works in all the Amazon marketplaces across the world.

Jungle Scout Extension New

Have you seen the fresh, new look from Jungle Scout Extension! The best thing about it is that its totally free for all existing extension users.

  • Not only is the Extension data easier to analyze! Jungle scout extension has a new, easy-to-access menu with all additional features and settings all in one place!
  • Access Keyword Cloud, Download CSV, Share on Social, Download Screenshot and Search Trends from the Menu
  • Easy access to Help Center / Contact Support and Account Settings from the Menu
  • Moved the image hover state to not block listing data, making it larger to view & read
  • New success and error states when a product is added to the tracker, so you know which products are being tracked within Extension
  • Toggle Sponsored Products on/off from search results
  • Changed order of columns based on importance from Seller feedback.

Who is Jungle Scout Web App for?

If you are looking to start or expand your entrepreneurship journey on Amazon, the Jungle Scout Web App is your go-to tool for starting, launching, and selling on Amazon. Frankly speaking, unless you are lucky, it is very difficult to find quality niche products without a tool that can give you real insights about a product niche based on the quantitative and qualitative data. Without such a tool, you would be digging dirt for hours for weeks, without having any idea whether you will find something good or not. It will take significantly lot more time to find potential Amazon product ideas. Even if you find something, you would be largely uncertain about the chances of success without doing the right analysis. With Jungle Scout, you will certainly improve your chances of finding the ideal niche drastically and the savings in terms of time and costs are definitely worth it.

When you are starting a new business online, there’s always a learning curve and it’s natural. Finding the right niche is something which will determine the success of your Amazon business. The Jungle Scout Web App takes the guesswork out of from the process of getting started and becoming successful on Amazon with its accurate and comprehensive data-driven tools.

Apart from the Jungle Scout Web Apps tools, you will also have access to all the premium members-only content, training videos, and webinars. You will also get invitations for any special event which comes up.

Note: The Jungle Scout Product Database has a lot of items in it and can be a great source of ideas but it does not cover everything on Amazon. You should do some research on Amazon directly and add those products to the Product Tracker which you are interested in.

Web App/Extension is no longer separate and are included in all 3 Jungle Scout plans. 

How much does Jungle Scout cost?

If you are interesting in selling on Amazon, you must try Jungle Scout to start and expand your online business on Amazon at a rapid pace. Jungle Scout pays for itself in no time at all. 

Jungle Scout has just implemented some big changes to the pricing plans! And the deals got a whole lot simpler. Basic, Suite and Professional. No more tiers, add on extension or having to choose between the bundles. 

Jungle Scout Discount

Latest Jungle Scout Pricing:

The Basic plan is $19/month 

The Suite plan is $49/month

The Professional plan is $84/month

Extension is now included in all 3 plans! How awesome is that? 

If you are just starting with your business on Amazon, the best option by far is the newly introduced Jungle Scout Suite giving the advanced seller features at an incredible discounted price. This Jungle Scout suite has everything you need from finding your first product on Amazon to diving deeper into market intelligence and find out what the competition is doing that you are not. You would be mostly using the Product Database and Product Tracker tools. 

The Niche Hunter functionality can help share some of the new opportunities which you might not find otherwise. 

Don’t forget to use our Jungle Scout discount link, no coupon code necessary, when starting out for 60% off or more. 

The Jungle Scout Web App doesn’t come with a free trial but it offers a 14-day money back guarantee. In case you decide the product is not a great fit within 14 days of using it, you just have to send a mail at support at junglescout .com and you will get the refund without being asked any questions.

Jungle Scout accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express but if you do not have a credit card, they can also send you a Paypal invoice. As soon as the payment is done, you can log in to the Jungle Scout Web App and start your journey of finding profitable products to sell on Amazon.

I hope that you have found this Jungle Scout Review helpful. Honestly, Junglescout is the best tool in the market for Amazon sellers. Apart from the amazing tool, you get great customer support, training videos and content guides around the in and outs of selling on Amazon to give you a complete upper hand over your competitors. Let Jungle Scout help you define your success goals and find your product for 2022. Have you used Jungle Scout before? Please share your experience with us. 

No Jungle Scout Coupon Code Needed!

Use exclusive Jungle Scout discount link below to receive 60% OFF.

If you are serious about starting an Amazon FBA business then Jungels Scout is absolutely worth it. Jungle Scout offers a suite plan at just $49/mogiving you all the basic features and more historical data for your keyword research. If you are looking to start a real company or wanting to learn more about product research and Amazon FBA selling it is definitely worth the investment. The discounted price of Jungle Scout pays for itself in no time. 

Using Jungle Scout is about as simple as it gets when it comes to Amazon Seller Tools. The customer service goes above and beyond, think Zappos and the training they provide could not be any better, with Video Walkthroughs. 

Jungle Scout Free Trial. Unlike some Amazon Tools such as Helium 10 chrome extension the company doesn’t have a free trial, instead a 2-week money back guarantee (14 Day Free Trial). 

Jungle Scout supports all Amazon marketplaces. The only countries they have had issues with is China and Bulgaria however workarounds are available. Jungle Scout US (Amazon US store), Jungle Scout UK – Amazon UK store, Amazon Germany store, Amazon Canada, France, India, Mexico, Italy, and Spain.

At this moment unlike some of the other Amazon Seller tools, Jungle Scout does not currently offer a free trial. They do however offer a 14-day money back guarantee. So if you decide Jungle scout isn’t a right fit for your Amazon FBA business within 14 days they will give you a refund, no questions asked.

Jungle Scout offers a free 14-day trial which is more than enough time for you to see the power of the tools available. 

Jungle Scout product tracker is highly accurate as the have been collecting data for the longest amount of time. Its worth noting that none of the tools are exact and only Amazon holds the 100% accurate sales and product data. 

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