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how to use jungle scout to find products

How to Use Jungle Scout to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

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Amazon is one of the most successful companies of our time, and it’s structured in a way that allows outside sellers and businesses to use the platform to their benefit. It facilitates the marketing process so that suppliers of goods only need to list their products, and then proceeds to do the heavy lifting in getting the word out.

Well, what if you don’t have a product to sell, yet? What if you don’t even know what to sell? The success of Amazon’s business model is enough to make anyone want to grow a lucrative business through its website, and now there are companies designed to assist sellers with this undertaking, such as Jungle Scout.

If you’re seeking information on how to use Jungle Scout to find products to sell on Amazon, look no further. We’ll break it down for you right here.

How Does Jungle Scout Work?

how to use jungle scout to find products

Jungle Scout is a website specifically designed to make current and potential Amazon sellers market their products with optimal efficiency. With its web extension and app, it analyzes a wide range of “success” factors when it comes to selling on Amazon, such as:

  • Product database
  • Supplier database
  • Inventory manager
  • Alerts
  • Keyword scout
  • Opportunity finder
  • Listing builder
  • Rank tracker
  • Jungle Scout Launch

… just to name a few. These all track the patterns and traffic of purchases on Amazon, so as to ensure an optimally successful experience for the sellers of Amazon.

The data and analytics are accumulated to inform Jungle Scout users of which products are selling, which aren’t, what people are looking for, which brands are doing better than others within the same category, etc. With this platform, you will be constantly kept up to date with the market’s trends, patterns, and how they could impact your business.

Why Use Jungle Scout?

Due to Amazon’s cultural and financial hold on the market, getting yourself involved in their business model is a prudent and lucrative measure. It opens up your business to the largest clientele base in the world, and Jungle Scout has developed a system that does all of the hard work for you.

Because of Amazon’s vast scope of products from all over the globe, it can be hard to keep up with the ins and outs of the website without a software program and corresponding team of experts to get it taken care of. Jungle Scout makes the hard parts easy, and the easy parts worth it.

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Who Can Use Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is organized in a way that makes it accessible for individuals and companies of all sizes to navigate their options soundly. Whether you’re selling on Amazon for your first time,            are already accustomed to selling on Amazon, or are a big brand business looking for additional tips and tricks, Jungle Scout has all the information and resources you need.

So, when it comes to discovering new means of capital, here’s how to use Jungle Scout to find products to sell on Amazon.

How Do I Begin?

Your first step to using Jungle Scout for all of your Amazon selling needs is to have the extension and/or web app downloaded. This is going to make the process much faster, as that software is how Jungle Scout collects and interprets data.

What are Some Key Things to Look Out for?

To gauge the likelihood of a successful product, let’s refer back to some of the building blocks of economics: supply and demand.


The existing supply of a product is of huge importance when deciding what to sell. Naturally, the smaller the competition, the better. Having more competition means a better chance that customers will buy from other retailers as opposed to you.

You want to find a product that is not oversaturated in its supply in order to reap a profit from it. Of course, the way to determine that is by determining the demand for it.


how to use jungle scout to find products

One thing that drastically informs supply is the demand for the product. For example, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the suppliers of face masks has increased exponentially, but none of them have suffered from a lack of customers because there has been an equally exponential growth in the demand for face masks.

Similarly, products that are in demand year-round and not just seasonally have a better chance of stable success and overall longevity. Products that are popular in specific times of the year are still encouraged to be sold because there is a demand for them, but it should not be your lone source of income as it’s less steady.

Also, be sure to confirm that a product’s category is not dominated by only a handful of providers—this could reflect an already-established monopoly or a distinct reason as to why that company produces that product, such as a unique and creative touch that sets it apart from the rest.

If the top ten sellers of a product can sell ten or more units of that product a day, it’s considered to be “in demand,” and thus an ideal candidate to sell. Jungle Scout shows you these figures to help you decide what to sell.

How is the Process Made Easy?

If you want to know how to use Jungle Scout to find products to sell on Amazon, you should be aware of the features which make the process significantly easier. Sorting through the various product ideas can be confusing, but the web app is designed to simplify the process.

Product Database

With Jungle Scout’s Product Database, you are able to comb through the whole of Amazon’s catalog, an inventory of hundreds of millions of products, and sort it by price, demand, seasonality, and more, so that you feel confident in narrowing down your options.

In fact, there are even more specific parameters such as level of competition, the range of returns on investment, low quality or high quality goods, and more, so that you can navigate the data in a way that best suits your needs.

Its Product Database also supplies a FBA Profit Calculator so as to keep track of seller fees and overhead costs required with every product.

Product Tracker

Once you’ve done that, you can save the products that you think might be a good fit in the Product Tracker, which gives you more intimate details of their performance on a regular basis. If you’re on the fence about a product or multiple, you can archive them for later and track their progress through a period of time.

Also, Product Tracker organizes your archived products by categories you customize, meaning you can separate products you’re more likely going to sell from others you’re less likely to sell, or any other parameters of your choosing.

Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter is also an extremely helpful tool in tracking keyword traffic to analyze how specific products in respective niches perform on Amazon. Due to the global reliability of the website, it is responsible for selling an equally vast array of products—specific car parts, computational devices, hardware, furniture, clothing… the list is endless.

Comparisons to Products Outside of Amazon

Additionally, the Jungle Scout web extension can compare information from any website’s product to the marketing potential of similar products on Amazon. This means even browsing the web can inform the products you choose to sell on Amazon, and the extension is designed to keep you as informed about your options as possible.

And, if you are truly lost with no prospects of products to sell, consider consulting the Opportunity Scale which sorts the catalogue products by most optimal selling potential.

The Hunt: A Weekly Newsletter

Downloading Jungle Scout’s web app and web extension also means an immediate subscription to the weekly newsletter, The Hunt!

This is yet another way to discover new, opportune products waiting to be sold on Amazon, as the newsletter records and supplies the information of successful, potentially undersold products waiting to take off.

This is an ideal resource to have for those who don’t know where to begin, and it’s a weekly occurrence.

24/7 Jungle Scout Support

No matter what your question or concern may be, Jungle Scout has 24-hours a day and 7-days a week support to walk you through any obstacle you may come across.

While its interface is user-friendly, web apps and extensions can still bug out, but Jungle Scout is committed to supporting its users at any point.

How Does Jungle Scout Break it Down?

Of course, you can always work backwards. Instead of flipping through the catalogue to find the ideal Amazon product worth selling, you can research the details of any already-existing Amazon product to see its success on the Jungle Scout website.

The web extension is a significant resource that allows for this function. You can access vast data on each product on Amazon if you simply access the extension once you’ve searched your chosen keywords. You should have immediate access to the:

  • Opportunity score
  • Average sales rank
  • Average reviews
  • Average monthly sales
  • Average price

… of the products sold under that keyword, which should all be able to express the success of the market in an image-heavy, user-friendly interface.

Additionally, it is organized by each product, so that you also get the information for each individual item such as:

  • Brand
  • Price
  • Category
  • Rank
  • Sale
  • Revenue
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Listing Quality Score (LQS)

… and more.

With the help of the Jungle Scout web extension and web app, you can get all the details you need on products so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

How Do I Price My Product Correctly?

Jungle Scout is able to account for every question concerning price you might have, including how your product relates to its competitors on Amazon. Naturally, a big contributor to your success on the website will relate to your pricing.

An ideal product has a price of $25 to $50, as those are the products that are statistically sought after and bought the most. Therefore, pricing it within this range is an apt way to make your product regularly purchased, and so it’s wise to look for products that fall within that price range. This price range is also prudent because the products that fall within it are commonly of a reasonable size and therefore don’t require a substantial amount of warehouse space.

Also, the price of your product should be comparable to how your competition has priced their own merchandise—enough to reap a profit, but not so much that you are considered too expensive in relation to other available options.

How Will Jungle Scout Support My Selling Process After I Have Already Started?

Once you have started selling your product(s) on Amazon, the journey doesn’t end there. Keeping up with your sales, revenue, and competition is a vital aspect of maintaining a successful business plan, and plenty of Jungle Scout’s features have taken that into account as well.

Features like the free Amazon sales estimator tool can compare the BSR (or, Best Seller Ranking) of your product to that of your competitor’s.

As well, Jungle Scout has a wealth of information pertaining to Amazon aside from just sales. It offers ways to become an Amazon affiliate, with reasonings as to why that could be a lucrative venture for you.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to understanding how to use Jungle Scout to find products to sell on Amazon, there is a wealth of information waiting for sellers to use.

Jungle Scout is a user-friendly website that makes it easy for any potential Amazon seller to familiarize themselves with their options, as well as provide steps on how to navigate the process that follows.

If you think Jungle Scout might be right for you and your business needs, get started and sign up on its website today! You can receive 50% OFF just by reading this article, click here to get your Jungle Scout discount. This platform can give you all the tools and insight you need for your business to grow exponentially while selling through Amazon.

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