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zonblast vs viral launch

Zonblast vs Viral Launch

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As an Amazon FBA seller, the first question you should be asking yourself before a product launch is: ‘how do I set myself apart from the crowd?’ Because the crowd of Amazon sellers is there, and it’s formidable.

It’s not just about who can shout the loudest in the Amazon marketplace or who has the prettiest product photography. Your reach depends on doing your research and making sure you’re saying the right things.

You should be optimizing keywords. Knowing what’s going to be profitable before it becomes profitable and offering coupon codes for your launch.

So how can you know these things? How do you make sure you rank ahead of your competitors and maximize the sales from your launch campaign?

Work Smart with Market Intelligence Tools

Knowing when to go all-in on an Amazon product launch and when to switch out is much easier with analytic tools. Zonblast and Viral Launch are services that Amazon sellers use to understand the competition in the Amazon marketplace and boost their product rankings.

Zonblast vs Viral Launch: Which is Best for a Product Launch?

So which is better for your launch? In this review, we’ll look at Zonblast vs Viral Launch and compare their offerings.

We’ll take a look at the unique features of Zonblast and discuss what makes it a popular service for large-scale Amazon sellers. We’ll compare the services’ effectiveness for a smaller Amazon seller and ask whether Viral Launch provides better strategy insights for private label sellers.

Finally, we’ll compare pricing and help you understand which platform will help your business flourish in a competitive marketplace. Let’s get to it.

What is Zonblast?

zonblast vs viral launch

Zonblast was founded in 2014 by a team of Amazon investors trying to increase their reach in the marketplace and scale their brands. During this process, they developed the software that would become Zonblast.

Rebranding as Sixleaf in 2016, this market research tool is favored by many Amazon sellers for features such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Launching a new Amazon product using ‘blasts’
  • Variable sales distribution
  • Integration into the wider Sixleaf suite

Let’s take a look at the services offered by Zonblast and examine how they can benefit a product launch.

Zonblast Product Launch Tool: Blasts

The namesake feature of Zonblast is a tool that allows users to enhance their product listings and assess whether there’s a profit to be made from further investment. Zonblast offers several types of blast to support launch campaigns:

Solo Blast

This is used as a strategy to ‘test the waters’ by sellers with a substantial inventory. It gives a single boost to a product listing in one category and allows you to assess how effective Zonblast will be in other categories or niches.

Wave4 Blast

If you’re selling online in the longer term, this strategy can give you an idea of sustained customer interest in a product by boosting its ranking for 4 straight days. It helps to boost sales and grow your business while taking into account the sustainability of selling in a niche.

Wave7 Blast

Similarly, this option improves your product ranking for 7 days. If you want to establish your brand as the best company for a niche product, this can help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


This software interacts with the Amazon algorithm to ensure your product remains relevant and stays at the top of the page. This is ideal for platforms looking to establish themselves in the Amazon marketplace for a long time.

Zonblast Keyword Analysis Software

This feature of the platform enables users to perform the all-important analysis of keywords. Amazon uses the A9 algorithm when determining which product reaches number 1 – this is the same algorithm that Google uses. If you want to crack the code to success, you’ve got to understand the code used to rank products online.

Data-Driven Launching

Gone are the days of email marketing and simply relying on Facebook ads. Keywords are just as important as product photography and even customer reviews.

Brands that don’t have access to a platform with good keyword research software will fall behind in search rankings and sales. This is especially true of long-tail keywords.

For private label Amazon FBA sellers, data analysis that offers access to relevant long-tail keywords is a winning strategy. Many Zonblast enthusiasts consider this to be one of the best features of the platform.

Variable Code Distribution

Coupon codes can be a winning strategy if you know how to use them. ZonBlast enables you to set up an effective coupon campaign using ads as part of a single-day product promotion strategy.

If you’re launching multiple products online in different categories, using ads for a coupon campaign can be a great way to sell multiple products to your customers. Platforms looking to sell large volumes of inventory in short bursts can also benefit from a coupon strategy.

Zonblast Pricing & Verdict: Which Platforms Benefit from Zonblast?

Zonblast has accrued many positive reviews, especially given that it can be used with other software from Sixleaf. It boasts many impressive features and is an excellent platform for larger Amazon FBA sellers with good access to resources.

However, nothing in life is free and Zonblast comes at a price for smaller sellers. Its pricing places this service out of the reach of the average Amazon FBA business, while the software can also be intimidating to users with less experience of selling on Amazon.

If your business has the resources to support Zonblast, it’s one of the best tools for launching an Amazon product using data analysis and other impressive features such as coupon distribution.

Let’s move on with the review and take a look at another data-driven Amazon seller tool now: let’s consider Viral Launch vs Zonblast.

What is Viral Launch?

zonblast vs viral launch

Viral Launch is an Amazon product launch service that allows users to analyze market trends and better understand market intelligence using data. It allows the interested party to search for their competition and understand how to boost their sales and get ahead of the game.

Key features of Viral Launch include:

Let’s take a look at these features in-depth.

Viral Launch Top Sellers

This feature is extremely easy to access and to use. It provides an overview of the top sellers on Amazon and offers an estimate of sales data for prospective product launches.

Private label Amazon sellers using Viral Launch can plan online strategies around the information displayed in this feature. These might include coupon campaigns or email campaigns raising awareness of key brands.

It can free up a lot of time you might’ve spent doing research online – time which you can now invest into intensive marketing.

Viral Launch Keyword Research

One of the platform’s most useful services is its keyword tool. It reviews data and establishes the best keywords to support your marketing campaigns and maximize your sales.

The Viral Launch keyword feature is one of the most effective and easy-to-use tools for keyword analysis on the market. The Viral Launch platform has made its name on its accessibility and support for smaller Amazon sellers without sacrificing in-depth analysis, and this service backs that up.

Viral Launch Market Trends

Again, simplicity is beautiful in Viral Launch. With one click you can access the market trends tab, which displays information on the sales trends of Amazon’s top sellers as well as the best-selling products.

This helps you determine how to compete with the big platforms, adjusting your pricing or launching a coupon campaign to drive up the number of sales. Using this tool provides free insights into the behavior of other selling platforms on Amazon – and enables you to ahead of them.

Access to this kind of information is essential if you want to succeed as an FBA seller on Amazon. With Viral Launch, finding out what’s hot is as simple as sending an email.

Viral Launch Product Discovery

This tool allows you to search for a product based on various filters such as brands, categories, and keywords. You can identify which products your company should be selling in real-time based on the cost of sourcing and the current price online.

Viral Launch allows you to adapt quickly and support steady growth in your business. Finding the right Amazon product for that moment is what is going to set you apart as an Amazon private label seller.

Buying at a low price can also free up resources to help you support the rest of your business, making Viral Launch one of the best tools for smaller sellers.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

The market intelligence tool allows you to review information about where your product fits into the marketplace. It enables users to support their product launch with information on where to sell and what your target audience should be.

This feature works well when used in conjunction with the Viral Launch product discovery feature.


The product discovery feature of Viral Launch is available to use in marketplaces in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

Does Viral Launch Work in India?

While the market intelligence feature is available in India, unfortunately, the product discovery service of Viral Launch is not supported in India.

Zonblast vs Viral Launch: Pros and Cons

Both services have many positive features as well as some drawbacks. Let’s now compare the two side-by-side.

Pros of Zonblast

  • Excellent long-tail keyword analysis
  • Innovative blast functions
  • Variable code distribution enables swift, effective campaigns
  • Backed by Sixleaf suite

Cons of Zonblast

  • Expensive
  • The interface can intimidate new users

Pros of Viral Launch

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Low price helps free up resources
  • High-quality analysis
  • Easy comparisons with competitors
  • Widely available

Cons of Viral Launch

  • Can sometimes overestimate sales forecasts
  • While comparatively cheap, it’s not free!

Other Comparisons

Viral Launch vs Zonblast: Discussion & Verdict

While we appreciate the sheer scale of Zonblast’s offering, it tends to be too pricey for smaller businesses. However, for an established seller, Zonblast presents an incredible way to maintain your strong position and build from there with top-notch analysis.

It’s also less easy to use than Viral Launch, which has an incredibly simple interface that even the less tech-savvy FBA marketers among us will enjoy.

Both are excellent platforms for helping you to achieve successful product launches and boosting sales on Amazon. We’re going to give the edge to Viral Launch due to its super-approachable interface and the fact that it doesn’t compromise on quality even at a low price. Use Viral Launch to enhance your FBA Amazon business today.

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