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Best Amazon FBA Course for FBA Sellers

Selling on Amazon FBA can be done through various means. But the most crucial of all is to know what to sell and how to sell it. This might seem like a simple task to tackle but actually, it’s not. You need proper guidance to ensure your business is successful. Most beginner sellers would focus on a tight budget to secure themselves from heavy losses in case the business fails. But this doesn’t help anywhere.
Leaving out Amazon FBA courses often seems like a big step to ensure a fast return of investment and less capital spent. But this also doesn’t come in handy in any way. In fact, it’s like a means of digging an early grave for your business.
Amazon courses are the best means of ensuring your FBA business becomes successful. Actually, it’s the first step to take when you want to sell successfully on Amazon FBA. Through these courses, you are maximizing the chance of having a successful business while minimizing failures and rookie errors that can be quite expensive.

What is FBA?

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a term that refers to a business model, where the orders from clients are fulfilled by Amazon.  Amazon deals with the customer directly through product delivery, customer services and also refunds if anything goes wrong. The entrepreneur’s work is to prepare an inventory and also ensures their products are delivered in Amazon warehouses.   
Through FBA, entrepreneurs can work like major corporations but with no headaches of running the whole entity alone. All you have to do as an entrepreneur is carrying out researches on products that are profitable and on-demand. And then Amazon takes care of everything else for you.

What is an Amazon FBA Course and do I need one?

Theoretically, learning about the Amazon FBA course can be done through various means. You can try out through websites, youtube, Facebook groups and much more. However, much of the information provided is mixed up and confusing. At times, you may find out that some of them are contradictory. Learning FBA through this may take longer and with little or no positive result to show at the end.
It’s hardly possible to get a source of information that is credible enough to guide you well. But don’t lose hope; access to a well-illustrated FBA course from a credible source will make your work quite simple. Moreover, an FBA course from a well-experienced provider will guide you stepwise with simple and easy language to understand.
You will be able to follow along and get everything within a short period of time. Also, you will be given access to Facebook groups with experts and learners who will enlighten you on hard to understand points.
There are plenty of reports about people who have fall victims to fake providers. To ensure you don’t waste the resources you have worked hard to obtain, below are Top 5 Amazon FBA Courses. They have been carefully researched and selected to ensure you only get the best.
To entrepreneurs, time is money, and that’s one thing that these courses have taken into consideration. They are all written in simple terms for fast reading and understanding within a short period of time. Therefore, you get to implement what you’ve learned fast for a quick return of investment from your business.

Top 5 Amazon FBA Courses in 2019

1.Freedom Ticket 2.0- Kevin King and Helium 10

Freedom Ticket Course H10

Are you looking for an FBA course that is always up to date with Amazon changes? Then look no more. Freedom ticket is the perfect FBA course for you. The course is interactive, quite simple to understand with a target of guiding you on how to sell on Amazon. And with almost 100% of new Amazon sellers failing, Freedom Ticket Guarantees you a path of business prosperity.

Quote from Freedom Ticket 2.0 website:

“Is Amazon is Still a Great Opportunity?”

If you are an employee and need personal freedom through becoming self-employed, this course is the best choice. It is a great tool to guide you on how to earn easily from the Amazon business. With this course, you can rise into a 6 figure earner within a few months.
The information has been assembled by Kevin King. Kevin King is one of the famous top sellers in Amazon. He began an online business since 1995 by trading on physical products online, Amazon and also eBay. He has been a non-stop entrepreneur in e-commerce ever since.
With over 20 years of experience in online trading, he is the right teacher to look up to. Through earning a lot in the Amazon business, Kevin has decided to share his knowledge and experience in this business. From his success, it’s very clear that all his guidelines are out of the experience and not a rehearsal from other successful person’s teachings.
Freedom Ticket 2.0 course has 8 modules. Below are the topics that each module will cover:

  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: Business basics for Amazon beginner seller.
  • Module 2: Branding, Millions and Money
  • Module 3: Choosing a successful Amazon product
  • Module 4: Orders, Shipping and suppliers
  • Module 5: How to win Big through competition
  • Module 6: Optimizing the Amazon conversion listing
  • Module 7: Advertisements, Promotions, and Ranking
  • Module 8:Keving King entire business operation blueprint

Price of the package
Freedom ticket course has standalone package access with the first option payment of $997 as a single time full-time payment. The second option to pay for the package is through 3 months installments of $397 each.

Helium 10 Membership: This option gives you free access to the package. But you have to pay for the monthly charges of $97 that includes Helium 10 suite software.

Final Remarks
Freedom Ticket course is a full package if you want to venture into a successful business of physical products. But there is one thing to note, your business will be successful, not from just reading the Freedom Ticket course alone but also from your efforts, investment and dedication to your business.  
For more information about Freedom Ticket 2.0, click here.

2.Freedom Accelerator – Myles Dunphy

FBA Freedom Accelerator Course Myles

Are you a young entrepreneur and in need of FBA business inspiration? Then Freedom Accelerator is made just for you. Freedom accelerator course is founded by a young entrepreneur who started from scratches and challenges but made it successfully.
Quote from Freedom accelerator website:

“I bought other courses and this is the most detailed, up to date and well organized. This will change lives”

Myles Dunphy is the founder of Freedom Accelerator with a special focus on the young entrepreneur. Being one, he has enough experience of what runs into a young person’s mind when they are about to venture into a lucrative business. Therefore, he is the perfect teacher who understood the various weakens that young new sellers in Amazon go through.
According to Myles, making it in Amazon FBA business is quite possible but neither easy nor hard. He has shown special concern on entrepreneurs who are in a hurry to get a return of investment. According to him, you need more than just the course work to make it as a successful Amazon seller. You need patience, focus, commitment, good investment and the strength to tackle challenges as they come.
Many young investors are in a hurry to make profits. Some will even expect thousands of dollars in profits to start dripping in within the first few weeks of investment. But Myles states it clearly, that you need about 2 to even 3years’ period of investment to start earning six and seven figures profits.
Freedom accelerator course for FBA business comprises of 10 modules. Below are the topics that each module will cover:

  • Module 1: course introduction
  • Module 2: How to achieve seven-figure salaries
  • Module 3: Business setup and fundamentals
  • Module 4: Amazon product research
  • Module 5: sourcing, shipping- Suppliers’ finding and negotiation
  • Module 6: Sourcing, shipping – Amazon PO’s and product shipping
  • Module 7: Product prelaunch and product listing
  • Module 8: Product launch on Amazon
  • Module 9: Post product launch – Product maintenance and optimization
  • Module 10: Scaling

Price of the course
The package is on offer at $1197. This is a onetime complete payment of the package. Alternatively, you can opt for 3 months pay plan of $517 per month. Whichever pay plan you choose, you’ve got a 100% refund guarantee within 14 days of purchase.

Final remarks
Myles has several years of experience in being a successful Amazon seller. Being a young millionaire he is a perfect teacher for young entrepreneurs. He is enough proof that anyone can make it, whether you are a young or an older person.
The course contents are clear and straight to the point. He has applied a simple language to ensure you optimize the content without straining. The 20 hours lessons in video format are neither long nor short, it’s just a perfect length to watch and understanding everything without getting bored.
As a member, you have access to direct mails from Myles, and also his own existing community of Amazon sellers. There is so much more to learn and resources to obtain from the Myles Freedom Accelerator course.
For more information about the Freedom accelerator course, here.

3. Seller Pro Academy – John Bradley

Seller Pro Academy Amazon UK

There are millions of consumers who visit the Amazon site on a daily basis. Almost all of them often search for a product with the intent to buy. This creates a great business opportunity to invest in.  Unlike the challenges of creating traffic when doing business on other online platforms, Amazon provides you with more than enough traffic.

The only challenge you will face is competition against Amazon itself and other sellers on the platform. Thus, the trick here is to get a visionary who is successful and dominates this platform. They are the best teachers to get a nudge from.
And that visionary is John Bradley. The best expert of Amazon FBA and comes from the UK. But don’t be worried if you are not from the UK, his expertise also applies in other regions like the U.S. He is the founder of Seller Pro Academy course.

John Bradley is enough proof that through getting guidance from the right source, you can be successful in the Amazon FBA business. He began by acquiring enough knowledge through reading and watching video channels on business. And then applied it practically through Amazon FBA business as well as creating YouTube channels. He transformed from being the product consumer to a seller and creator.

John’s coursebook is, therefore, a great choice if you need enough inspiration to rise from zero to earning a lot. In addition, you could also learn a thing or two from his experience of running two jobs.

Quote from Seller Pro Academy website:

“It has been one of the best investments I’ve made this year and I have only used 30% so far”

Seller Pro Academy course for FBA business comprises of 15 modules. Below are the topics that each module will cover:
Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Support details

Module 3: Company creation

Module 4: Duty and Taxes

Module 5: International selling

Module 6: Optimum research strategy for comprehensive product

Module 7: Product sourcing

Module 8: Product shipment

Module 9: Central Amazon Seller

Module 10: Product listing

Module 11: Advertising academy 1

Module 12: Ultimate strategy for product launch

Module 13: Sales funnel mode of application in FBA product sell

Module 14: Advertising Academy 2

Module 15: Getting un-gated

Price of the course

You can get the whole package at £997

Final Remarks

According to John’s experience, success in Amazon FBA business is guaranteed as long as you consume the right knowledge. But that’s not all, you also need to execute what you grasp and dedicate all your focus and effort to ensure it’s successful.

For more information about Seller Pro Academy, click here.

4. Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)

Amazing Selling Machine

If you are looking for coursework that’s big and meaty, then the Amazing Selling Machine is the right choice for you. Over the past few years, the Amazing Selling Machine has been creating an excellent record in being the source of the best Amazon FBA sellers. You never know, you could be the next.

Despite being too expensive, ASM is a good investment if you are part of or if you are intending to join Amazon FBA business. With credible and well-researched information from persons with years of experience, the rate of ROI (Return of Investment) is quite assuring and fast.

“How to Build Your Own Profitable Business on Amazon in 6 Months (or less)”

Unlike other FBA courses, ASM provides you with comprehensive details that cover all that you need to know about Amazon FBA. Additionally, you are also provided with extra information that you will never find in any other FBA course. And for this reason, it is among the best and most popular courses that you should definitely invest in.

Amazing Selling Machine FBA course has 8 modules. Below are the topics that each module will cover:           

  • Module 0: Welcome and an overview of the course
  • Module 1: Product building opportunity list
  • Module 2: professionalism, product sourcing, and profits
  • Module 3: Inventory orders and Brand creation
  • Module 4: Ensuring success in your launch
  • Module 5: 8 components for a product listing that is perfect
  • Module 6: Product launch that is perfect
  • Module 7: Traffic tools and advanced marketing
  • Module 8: Next level boost to your business

The course objective

Amazing Selling Machine is an FBA course that has been formed by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson. Their main focus is the provision of quality work that guarantees the clients positive results. The course has been formulated in a businesslike manner with hardly any technical terms. Every detail is expressed in simple terms in such a way that anyone who can read will understand it very well. The course special focus is on the means of building a successful and massive FBA business on Amazon.

Price of the Course
The course package is available to you at $5000.

Final remarks
If you are looking forward to reducing the workload by cutting down on the day to day activities of Amazon business, the Amazing Selling Machine will guarantee that. Also, it’s a great option to boosts your profits.

Since the course work is 19hours long, you can actually go through it several times to ensure you’ve grasp everything well. For a much clearer understanding, there are over 60videos to cater to that. Considering the advice and return of investment guarantee, this course is worth the $ 5000.

For more details about the Amazing Selling Machine click here.

5. Zero to Brand – Matt Loberstein

Zero to Brand Course Matt

This a great choice for a beginner with no prior experience in the Amazon business. Every bit of the course information has been broken down and made simple to grasp. The course comes with great methods for Amazon product research; getting more reviews; Successful product launches and even email marketing and PPC campaigns.

Matt Loberstein the course owner has several years of experience in this field. His success in becoming a seven-figure earner is enough proof that you’ve picked the right path. Matt has been running his Amazon FBA business since 2015, so, Zero to Brand course has everything you need to be a successful beginner as Amazon FBA seller.

Quote from Zero to Brand website:

“My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.” 

As the title of the course depicts, Matt’s course enlightens the clients on how to he built his business from failures and success. Thus he is a great guide to look up to for a successful business in Amazon. By enrolling in his course, you will have lifelong access and continuous updates if they occur on Amazon. That alone shows you that the course is there to help you grow and also maintains the status of being the best seller.

  • Module 1: Introduction and Mindset
  • Module 2: Business Fundamentals
  • Module 3: Amazon Fundamentals
  • Module 4: Products selection
  • Module 5: Sourcing
  • Module 6: Shipping
  • Module 7: Build Foundation
  • Module 8: Launch Day 1
  • Module 9: Traction
  • Module 10: Scaling 

Price of the course
The whole course package goes for $997.

Final Remarks
Setting up the Amazon FBA business is quite difficult, and often time-consuming. But Matt’s course, everything will seem like a walkover. More often, many new Amazon sellers believe that the work is over once you’ve set up your account.

But, that’s not the case, you need to continuously carry out maintenance and updates on your account from time to time.  And this is where the Zero to Brand course also comes in handy. The course provides you with endless updates that may occur on Amazon. Through the updates, you can maintain your status as the best seller and even add more success to your business.
For more details about this course, here

Do I really need an Amazon FBA Course to Succeed?

Through investing in Amazon FBA courses, you will have the ability to optimize the power of fulfillment role by Amazon as well as warehousing. This will enable you to establish successful businesses that are extremely profitable.

You can actually convert this business into side income or invest more money, time and resources and turn it into a full-time job. Imagine a scenario where you don’t have to wake up early for work.

Above, you’ve been provided with five best Amazon FBA courses. Go through all of them and choose one that favors your business in terms of resources as well as budget. Remember that starting a business on Amazon is a great stream of income but venturing into Amazon FBA transforms it into overdrive.

One important thing to note, any of the courses has the potential to make your business extremely successful. But it only works for those who invest their time and money to make it work. In other words, the courses are not paradise for slothfulness.

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