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Boost Your Valentine's Day 2024 Sales: 10 Effective Strategies

Boost Your Valentine’s Day 2024 Sales: 10 Effective Strategies

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If you think the opportunity to generate big sales dies down after Christmas, think again. Do you know how much money Valentine’s Day generates? Consumers are expected to spend just under $26 billion dollars on V-Day in 2024. And the good news for e-commerce and FBA sellers: 40% of consumers plan to shop for their Valentine’s Day gift online, according to a 2024 survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what to sell for Valentine’s Day and how to sell it. This guide shares some must-know selling tactics to help you figure out your Valentine’s Day selling strategy and how to position your products in front of the right customers.

Valentine’s Day Sales on Amazon: Quick Facts

  • Shoppers start looking for gift options on Amazon in January, with peak shopping within the first 10 days of February.*
  • The Fresh Flowers and Live Indoor Plants category had nearly $10 million in sales and 235.9K units sold in June 2024, up 84% year over year.**
  • Amazon’s Women’s Jewelry category sold 6.9 million units and made $195.3 million in revenue in June 2024, up 13% from 2021.**
  • Beauty and Personal Care category products (specifically hair care, beauty appliances and skin care) are among the top 10 most gifted items on Amazon for Valentine’s Day.*
  • Amazon’s Beauty and Skin Care products earned nearly 1.8 billion in sales in June 2024, up $200 million year over year.**

Sources: *Amazon internal, December 2020 – February 2021, **Similarweb 2022

What to Sell for Valentine’s Day: Characteristics of a Top-Selling Gift

Contrary to popular belief, a hot-selling Valentine’s Day item doesn’t necessarily mean it makes an ideal gift. The previously mentioned NRF survey also revealed that Americans plan to gift the same ‘ole classic gifts for V-Day 2024: Candy, greeting cards, and flowers were the top-three most popular gift ideas.

Characteristics of a Top-Selling Gift

But just because that’s what consumers are planning to give doesn’t mean that’s what people want to receive. According to one survey, 46% of consumers have received a Valentine’s gift they didn’t like. And there could be a lot on the line for your customers — one survey revealed that 47% of people would break up with their partner if they received a bad Valentine’s Day gift. Oof.

As a retailer, you need to make sure you sell products that your target audience will adore. Being highly specific is the key here. Here are four characteristics to help you list the most appealing Valentine’s Day gifts in your store.

1. Something Love-Related

You can’t go wrong with love-theme items for Valentine’s Day—hearts, roses, and other red items. From cards to stuffed toys, you can stock up on various products that show love, as they will definitely sell well. Some popular suggestions for romantic or love-related products:

  • Love-themed chocolate or candy boxes.
  • Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Heart-shaped photo frames.
  • Flowers.
  • Heart-shaped jewelry.

2. Something Popular

A successful FBA Seller will always stay informed of trends and demands. For Valentine’s Day, you should start keeping an eye on trends a few months before February 14th. Monitor social media and Google Shopping Trends to know what products are in demand. Trending items may be:

  • Popular tech gadgets, such as a new phone or headphones.
  • Trending items (i.e., Stanley tumblers).
  • Toys for kids.
  • Newly launched makeup or skincare products.
  • Plant-based or sustainable products.

3. Something Personal

Personalized items have been around for a while, yet they never go out of demand. Obviously, you don’t know your customers personally, so your job is to find a way for them to customize the products you offer by adding names, photos (pet photos are a big hit), or even embedded audio messages. Nowadays, personalization isn’t limited to mugs, keychains, or t-shirts. Here are some profitable, customized items to sell for Valentine’s Day.

  • Custom-printed clothing or intimates.
  • Engraved jewelry.
  • Personalized stuffed animals.
  • Custom gaming and audio accessories.
  • Customized sneakers.
  • Customized leather goods.

4. Something Interest-Based

People have wide interests that span markets. That means you can take any of the products you currently sell and make them an ideal Valentine’s Day gift, all you need is the right marketing strategy. Selling items that cater to specific personal likings will improve your Valentine’s Day sales and can make a lasting impression on your customers.  

Here is what to sell for Valentine’s Day to cater to audiences’ personal tastes:

  • Sports items.
  • Calligraphy sets.
  • Art or scrapbooking supplies.
  • Journals.
  • Leather craft kits.
  • Photography accessories.

Top-Selling Items For Valentine’s Day

What do people want for Valentine’s Day? A survey revealed the top consumer gifts for Valentine’s Day are actually the most stereotypical: Nearly a third of Americans want chocolate, candy, or other sweet treats. Jewelry and flowers or plants were both tied at 16%.

Top-Selling Items For Valentine’s Day

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

1. Jewelry

According to the NRF survey, jewelry is expected to hit a record $6.4 billion in spending this year, accounting for 45% of all spending on significant others. Earrings and rings are the most-searched products on Amazon in this category, with 173,900 and 142,800 clicks in June 2024, according to Similarweb. To get an idea of the competition, the top two selling items for Valentine’s Day on Amazon in 2021 were Pavoi’s gold open hoop earrings (18,600 units sold) and the 14K gold plated M MOOHAM layering necklace (17,300 units sold). 

2. Beauty Products

According to a survey by Bazaarvoice’s Influenster, 70% of consumers prefer beauty products over other gifts. That’s why beauty products are among the top 10 most gifted items in the Amazon store during Valentine’s Day. Amazon’s Beauty and Personal Care category was up $200 million in June 2024 from the year before. Within that category, hair care products, beauty appliances and skincare perform best.

3. Pajamas and Intimiates

Of the 10% of Americans who want to receive apparel for Valentine’s Day, many of them are hoping for pajamas, loungewear, or intimates. If you sell any of these products, now is your time to market them for Valentine’s Day. Especially if you offer items in V-Day colors (pink, red, purple) or prints (hearts, XOXO, etc.), or have customization options that allow for photos or words to be printed on the item.

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

1. Tech Products

Some 44% of men expected to receive an electronic device gift for Valentine’s Day in 2021—more than any other category of gift. Similarweb data from June 2024 shows that Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit products were most profitable within Amazon’s Wearable Technology category. Apple leading by a landslide with $59.2 million in sales compared to Samsung at $11.8 million. Fitbit trailed behind at $3.6 million.

If you don’t have tech products to offer, consider products that pair well with tech, such as smart watch straps or protective cases. 

2. Self-Care Products

Self-care is not limited to a specific gender; everyone deserves pampering! In 2022, men’s personal care market grew by 10.7%, which proves that more male audiences are taking an interest in grooming and self-care. Top Amazon Keywords in the Beauty and Personal Care category included Waterpik, electronic toothbrush, makeup bag, and makeup organizer for Valentine’s Day 2022, according to Similarweb.

Here are some idea of what to sell on Valentine’s Day under the men’s personal care category:

  • Beard grooming kit: Typically includes serums, oils, balm, and comb. These kits make a great Valentine’s Day gift for men with facial hair.
  • Shaving kit: A shaving kit containing a premium razor, luxurious shaving cream, and aftershave is a practical gift for many. 
  • Men’s skincare sets: Men’s skincare is not limited to beard and body, but men’s face care is quite a trend. A skincare kit with cleanser, moisturizer, and face scrub can make an excellent present.

3. Customized Gift Items

In 2020, nearly 20% of female partners purchased personalized items as Valentine’s gifts for their partners. Customized gift markets have gained traction over the last decade—the more creative you are, the better options you have to explore in this category. Some unique customized gifts include:

  • Personalized song plaques: Made of acrylic and wooden frame, personalized song plaque serves as a classy gift for Valentine’s Day. 
  • Explosion gift boxes: This customizable box is an exceptional gift item for those who prefer to add their own personal touch for a thoughtful gift.
  • Acrylic plaques: Acrylic plaques can be customized with the couple’s notable dates and photos. This minimalistic gift is a great decor piece for Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone

1. Flowers

Remember the stats we shared earlier: 39% of consumers plan to gift flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, and flowers and plants were listed as the most ideal gifts for 16% of consumers in the past. But feel free to go beyond the typical bouquet. The top plant product listings on Amazon for Valentine’s Day 2022 included Bonsai Trees and Money Trees, along with a Benchmark Bouquet offering next-day delivery.

Don’t have live plants to offer? Consider other flower-themed gifts or unique or customizable flower vases or pots, or other plant stands or holders.

2. Chocolates or Candies

If nearly 60% of adults are planning to buy chocolate or candy for Valentine’s day, it’s an easy opportunity for you to make a sale. Get creative with sweet-treat arrangements, focusing on love-themed chocolate boxes, heart-shaped packaging, and unique wrapping styles for chocolates. The more considerate you are with the packaging, the better your sales will likely be.

3. Valentine’s Day Cards

Few people gift a present on Valentine’s Day without a greeting card attached. So don’t forget to stock up on Valentine’s Day cards and make them available in your store. Consider offering a variety of options, from traditional romantic cards to funny or quirky ones. Personalization is also a big trend, so consider offering customizable cards where customers can add their own messages or photos.

4. Clothing or Couple Apparel

Preferred by all age groups of consumers, clothing items and couple apparel are undoubtedly the best Valentine’s Day gifts. Since there are numerous clothing options, the real question is what you must market as the best picks for Valentine’s Day. Matching pajamas or loungewear and personalized items that allow for photo or text customization are popular.

10 Strategies to Boost Your Valentine’s Day Sales

1. Evaluate Last Year’s Sales

Before diving into creating a marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to take a look at your sales data from the previous year. No doubt trends and preferences change over the year, but previous data will help you identify which products or promotions were successful and which ones didn’t perform as well. Use this information to guide your decisions for the upcoming holiday.

2. Optimize Your Product Listings with Relevant Keywords

The first step to optimizing your product listings for Valentine’s Day is to research relevant keywords. These are the words and phrases that potential customers use when searching for products related to Valentine’s Day. Use tools like Google Trends, Helium 10, and Jungle Scout to perform keyword research and see what’s trending. See the Google Trends screenshots below for a look at the top Valentine’s Day searches from the last week of January 2024 as an example:

Optimize Your Product Listings with Relevant Keywords
The first step to optimizing your product listings for Valentine's Day

3. Run Valentine’s Day Campaigns on Social Media & Email

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and appreciation, so consider creating special offers or discounts specifically for the holiday. This could include bundle deals on popular items, free gift-wrapping services, or even a discount code for customers who make a purchase over a certain amount.

If you really want to optimize your Valentine’s Day sales, you should start planning a month or two ahead. Run a Valentine’s Day campaign on various social media platforms. Post about the products you are going to highlight in your store. Even better, run a paid media campaign to reach more potential buyers.

If you have a customer email list ready, utilize it for your Valentine’s Day email campaign. Start sending emails in January to grab the attention of early buyers, and run promotions up until the last day for Valentine’s Day shipping. You can send your customers the top-selling items list, Valentine’s Day gift guides, or special discount offers.

4. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer culture is huge right now, as evidenced by the success of TikTok shop. Consider promoting your Valentine’s Day gifts by collaborating with influencers who cater to your desired audience. You can send product to micro and nano influencers to promote—micro-influencers may even post simply in exchange for your free product. Just make sure those influencers have a high engagement rate so your campaign generates authentic interest and attention.

5. Use a Love Theme for Your Landing Page

If you want to sell for Valentine’s Day, make your product look like it’s for Valentine’s Day. Go for a temporary Valentine’s Day theme on your landing page. Update your images and videos, use love-centric copy, and an abundance of red and pink colors to give Valentine’s vibes at a glance.

6. Reduce Customer Stress with Valentine’s Gift Guides

Valentine’s gift guides help reduce customers’ frustration and provide them with a clear direction to look for. Make sure you curate gift guides tailored to gender, personal preferences, relationships, and other customers’ interests. This also offers an opportunity for you to collaborate with other Amazon Sellers in a strategic way that can benefit you both.

7. Add Scarcity and Urgency Language

Use phrases like “Limited Time Offer,” “Flash Deals,” “Limited Stock,” “Exclusive Valentine’s Day Edition,” etc., creates a sense of urgency around your product. Implementing countdown timers on your e-commerce pages also compels customers to make quick and timely purchases.

8. Offer Free Gift Wrapping & Curated Gift Boxes

Gift wrapping plays a crucial role in the Valentine’s Day unboxing experience. Offering free gift wrapping will make people more interested in your products as you are saving them time and energy. Moreover, you can also sell V-Day special curated bundles, boxes, and baskets to provide more value.

9. Guarantee Shipping Before Valentine’s Day

No matter how incredible your products and marketing are, failing to deliver before Valentine’s Day will lead to a highly disappointing buying experience. You’re more likely to win Valentine’s Day sales if you can guarantee shipping and delivery before February 14. 

10. Include Pet-related Items 

Did you know that U.S. consumers spend over $1 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts for pets? While planning your Valentine’s Day campaign, don’t forget to include pet accessories in your strategy. Consider creating bundles that cater to both pet owners and their furry friends. It will broaden your customer base, and you will be able to sell more this V-Day.

Key Takeaways

Valentine’s Day is a major holiday that presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce businesses to boost their sales and attract new customers. By incorporating some of the strategies mentioned above, you can create a successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. Remember to personalize your messaging, optimize for keywords, offer unique products or services, and appeal to different target audiences.

Most importantly, ensure timely delivery and excellent customer service to make this day extra special for your customers. With the right approach, you can spread love and increase profits at the same time!

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