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Seller Labs Pro Review

Seller Labs Pro Review – Amazon Seller Software Solution

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The Seller Labs website sure boasts some impressive stats. For example, when this article was written they were claiming to have increased year-on-year growth for seasonal items by a whopping 147%, in other words, it went up by more than double.

Even more impressive is the stats for the increase in monthly units sold for a company in electronics, which comes in at a whopping 338%.

Of course the sceptical amongst us will know that these are highlights, and will suspect that the platform isn’t like this across the board. Should we believe the hype? That is the question here.

So, in this article, we’re going to pick apart what Seller Labs have to offer, and by the end of the article, we can assure you that you’ll have a much better idea of whether Seller Labs is right for your business.

We’ll kick things off by going through the basics, before examining each of the many features.

We will also make a list of its various pros and cons, which makes for quick reading, and touch upon what other people are saying about Seller Labs.

We’ll also discuss their pricing plans and whether they are good value for money. We will also touch upon possible alternatives to Seller Labs.

Then we’re going to top that off with a section where we answer some of your most frequently asked questions on the subject, before rounding off with a conclusion.

What Exactly Is Seller Labs Pro?

Seller Labs hasn’t been around quite as long as Amazon itself. It has been around since 2013 however, so it has had quite some time now to perfect what they do.

The Seller Labs service is built primarily around an Amazon dashboard. The idea behind this dashboard is to show you all of the most important information and metrics on your Amazon business on just one screen at a glance.

What Exactly Is Seller Labs Pro

But where it really comes into its own is the usefulness of this data and how it can be used on a daily basis in order to inform how you should best go about your business, in order to increase sales, and bring more money in.

Through this dashboard, you can monitor your progress towards any goals you set, view sales reports, see critical notifications, and keep an eye on your business’ day-to-day progress.

The information is not displayed in numerical values alone, but also in a visual form, with bar graphs and pie charts, that really help to drive the figures home. It’s very user friendly and intuitive to use.

From this dashboard, you can then jump to more detailed reports where you might want to learn a little more.

But this is by no means where the value of Seller Labs ends, which leads us nicely onto our next section.


Seller Labs Features

Enable Rapid Action To Changes In Amazon’s Algorithm Or Inventory Policies

With Seller Labs you are immediately notified whenever there’s a change in Amazon’s algorithm where this may affect your product listings. And with this information at hand you are able to act quickly and adapt. 

AI-Powered Suggestions

Your revenue for the previous day, week and month is clearly displayed on your dashboard. And for any patterns that can be seen, you can use the power of Seller Labs’ artificial intelligence to understand any trends that begin to form, and to control them.

Seller Labs Review

Keep Tabs On Customer Satisfaction

The latest customer reviews also appear on your dashboard of feedback genius. And this means that you can respond immediately to any negative customer feedback, which is crucial to maintaining your reputation as an Amazon Seller.

You can explain to the customer if they have been using the product incorrectly or offer them a replacement. Or take other remedial action.

Monitor Your Ad Spending

Seller Labs also keeps track of your Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS). And this way you can track whether your PPC campaigns are costing more than they’re worth, so you can adapt them accordingly or even ditch them altogether if they’re not performing.

Product Revenue Optimization

Seller Labs does not just measure revenue. It also tracks your stock keeping unit level profitability. And this can inform both your catalog level control and your selling strategies.

Automated Notifications

Seller Labs can give you important notifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Centralized Management Of Product Reviews

The Seller labs platform also enables you to automate requests for your product reviews, and it can even provide assistance when a bad review comes through.

Keyword Assistance

Admittedly keyword assistance is not Seller Labs’ best or most prominent feature, and there are better platforms out there for this if this is what you are looking for.

But, it can track the organic performance of both your products and that of your competitors, and it can bring up which search terms generate the most traffic and the most sales.

Pricing Plans

Seller Labs Pricing

Pricing For Small Scale Sellers

Now, the cost of a Seller Labs subscription depends entirely on your Annual 3P sales on Amazon. The costs go up in 7 separate stages, starting with relatively low sales of up to $50,000, which costs circa $50 per month at the time this article was written.

If however you choose to pay annually rather than monthly you can save yourself a considerable amount of money (over $100), and effectively pay $10 less each month, or in effect, receive 2 months for free.

Pricing At Scale

At the other end of the spectrum however, If your Annual 3P sales comes to $10 million or more, the monthly cost rises to as much as circa $1000 (correct when this article was written). 

If however you decide to pay annually as opposed to monthly this drops by a whopping $200 per month, saving you well over $2000.

Free Trial

One of the great things about Seller Labs is that it offers a lengthy 30-day free trial. That way you can try out all the features of the plan without having to pay a cent. You can see exactly how well it works for you before you commit to spending any money on it.

Value For Money

So, the question here is whether Seller Labs is good value for money…

We would argue that aligning the subscription costs according to the seller’s annual 3P sales is a great way to make the cost reasonably affordable across the different price stages. Because the more you are earning, the more cash you should have to hand in order to pay such expenses.

Pros And Cons


  • Streamline, uncluttered, easy to understand Amazon seller dashboard
  • Your sales data is presented in both numbers and also graphically
  • Presents all your most important data immediately on one screen
  • Allows for rapid response to negative reviews, aiding your reputation
  • Enables you to monitor your progress towards your sales goals
  • Allows you to keep track of your ACoS and the value for money you’re getting from your PPC campaigns
  • Tells you which keywords generate the most traffic and sales
  • Very little technical knowledge is required to use the software and all the accompanying tools


  • We would argue that there should be a more affordable pricing option for those who are just getting started as Amazon sellers
  • There have been several very negative user reviews about the platform elsewhere on the net, though this doesn’t appear to form a pattern and are likely one-offs.
  • There are alternatives to Seller Labs available that have certain features that are lacking in Seller Labs, and we would recommend to any Amazon seller that they look into these alternatives before deciding which might be the best platform or suite of tools for their particular business. 

What Other People Are Saying About Seller Labs

As you may imagine, glowing customer testimonials are easily found on Seller Labs’ own website. But there’s also much praise for them elsewhere on the net.

Many people have used the various tools within Seller Labs to deliver results, generate more sales, and build their reputation to good effect.

But to discuss only the good reviews would not be to provide the whole story…

User Reviews On Webretailer.com

Ok, so here’s where we’re going to level with you – user feedback on Seller Labs is incredibly mixed. For example, on webretailer.com there were 18 reviews for Seller Labs in total, but there were no 4 star, 3 star or 2 star reviews, they were all either 5 star or one star reviews. It seems everyone who left a review there either loved it or hated it.

However, it’s only fair to point out at this point that these reviews are somewhat old now, and seem to have been written when the various tools in the Seller Labs platform were known by different names.

And as we made reference to earlier, since their foundation in 2013, Seller Labs has now had plenty of time to solve its teething issues.

User Reviews On Trustpilot.com

User feedback for Seller Labs on trustpilot is even more dire, with an average rating of just 2.6 stars (at the time this article was written). However, we would advise against taking this rating too seriously, because it was based on just 4 reviews.  

User Reviews On Featuredcustomers.com

There’s an even greater depository of user reviews on featuredcustomers.com, where user feedback has been remarkably more positive.

It features well over 400 user ratings, which include over 200 case studies, and well over 200 testimonials, earning an average customer rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, which is very encouraging indeed. 

What Other People Are Saying About Seller Labs

So to sum up, user feedback on this platform has been very positive on the whole, with far more positive reviews than there have been negative ones. There certainly have been negative reviews but they seem to be very few and far between.

Alternatives To Seller Labs

Now, Seller Labs is pretty great, but it’s not a wholly unique platform and there are several alternatives out there that are worthy of your attention. 

One of our favorite alternatives is CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Software. It’s particularly valuable for sellers who aim to use multiple vendors, rather than just Amazon. 

Or if you’re looking specifically for Amazon based tools, you may also be interested to learn more about Hellium10 and/or Jungle Scout. Both these platforms offer a suite of tools for Amazon sellers.


If after reading this article Seller Labs sounds good to you and there’s a subscription plan that falls within your budget, there’s no harm in scheduling a free demo. This way you get to see the platform in action rather than just read about it.

And if after the demo, it’s still looking promising to you, that sounds like an excellent argument for taking up a free trial.

Just ensure that you assess its value to your business before the 30 days is up, that way if it’s not quite as beneficial as you would like, you can jump ship and it won’t have cost you a cent (so long as you remember to cancel). 

If you decide to keep using Seller Labs, we recommend that you set aside about 1 hour each day to check your dashboard and other reports, so that you not only have time to monitor goings on, but you also have time to act on what you learn, especially when it comes to negative customer feedback.

We would also recommend that you invest in other Amazon tools besides this one. MerchantWords, for example, is an excellent tool for putting together your Amazon keyword strategy and listing optimization.

Check out our article titled Merchant Words Coupon And Review which is available on this link, and our article titled Merchant Words Free Alternative which is available on this link.

It is beyond the scope of this article to walk you through everything that Seller Labs has to offer and we encourage you to access their website to find out more.

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