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Feedback Genius Review and Promo

Feedback Genius Promo Code & Review

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If you’re looking to scale your business on Amazon but don’t know what tools to use to do so, look to Feedback Genius! Feedback Genius is an automation tool for Amazon that allows you to automate your feedback, request emails, access email templates, and build a brand for yourself and your company.

Feedback Genius helps you send personalized emails directly to each customer’s email address. Doing so encourages them to leave valuable feedback on your products without making them feel like just another buyer.

The tool might seem like an expensive purchase to sign up for – but with our Feedback Genius promo code, you can help your business thrive without another considerable expense. Read our review for this tool and all its best features below, and take advantage of our Feedback Genius coupon code!

Feedback Genius Features & Review:

Feedback Genius Review

Email Automation

Feedback Genius lets you automate your emails to be sent out on a schedule based on a reasonable purchasing timeline. For instance, after a customer purchases a product from your Amazon store, they aren’t likely to leave feedback immediately – they haven’t received or used it yet. If you don’t immediately send that email, however, you can forget and lose out on the opportunity to gain valuable feedback on the product.

Using Feedback Genius to automate the emails to send on a reasonable timeline allows them to have time to experience and test out what they purchased. For example, they buy the product on the 5th of the month, and you set up Feedback Genius to send the follow-up feedback reminder on the 7th. Your automated email reminds them to leave feedback on the product and guides them back to the site while their opinion on the product is still fresh in their mind. Again, purchasing software to use this tool can be expensive, but we have Feedback Genius promo coupons so you can take advantage of this opportunity. Use a discount code from our site and save big money!

Get Access to Hundreds of Templates

It can be hard to know exactly what to put in a feedback request email without sounding too pushy. If you think about these types of emails that you may have received from other Amazon sellers who don’t use Feedback Genius, these emails can be pushy and ridden with typos. These emails don’t encourage you to leave feedback, but instead, make you feel harassed.

Feedback Genius has hundreds of feedback request email templates. These templates have been written and reviewed several times by writing experts, so they are light and encouraging, not pushy. You can also opt to send product information in these emails in addition to seller feedback and a product review.

You can find templates for this online for free with a little effort. However, the quality of these templates is not guaranteed. With our Feedback Genius coupons, you’ll be able to access templates created by experts and use them to encourage customers to review your products. Use a coupon code from Project FBA and save!

Detailed Analytics

One of the most critical aspects of selling products on Amazon is knowing what’s working and what’s not. Feedback Genius lets you see detailed email analytics. You can stay organized and connect with the right buyers and increase your email open rates without having to learn complicated code or create your website to do so.

Some dedicated applications and tools can perform and display these analytics to you, but they aren’t the same or as unique as Feedback Genius. This means it can get expensive if you use all of the tools available to you, so you’ll need to get a coupon code to save when purchasing. Check out our promo codes and Feedback Genius coupons to save money!

Create Positive Connections with Your Customers

As an Amazon seller, your customer service is paramount. Positive customer service helps you build a brand with loyal customers and a good position in the Amazon sellers community. You can even provide a discount code in these emails for loyal customers, which will encourage them to continue buying from you.

Creating these positive connections allows you to obtain repeat customers who will not only continue to purchase your products but recommend them to their friends and family. These connections cannot have a monetary value put on them. However, using a Feedback Genius coupon code to purchase the tool and use it to sell your Amazon products can save you time and money! Project FBA has a code for everything you’ll need as an Amazon seller.

Feedback genius promo code

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Feedback Genius Pros & Cons:

Like any other tool, Feedback Genius does have some flaws here and there. Here are some pros and cons that we’ve found for the software.


  • Wide range of custom email options
  • Simple interface
  • Fast and reliable, even if sending thousands of emails per day
  • Free plan option for low volume Amazon sellers


  • No calculation of customers’ local time zone
  • Paid plans can get expensive without using a coupon code
  • Customer support only on weekdays

Even with its drawbacks, it’s evident that the pros outweigh the cons for this one.

Feedback Genius Alternatives

  1. FeedbackWhiz Coupon
  2. Helium 10 follow up tool
  3. FeedbackFive
  4. Jungle Scout Launch

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any discount or promo codes for Feedback Genius?

There are tons of promo codes across the web for Feedback Genius. Project FBA has Feedback Genius promo codes for everything you’ll need. Project FBA is perfect if you’re looking for coupon codes to scale your Amazon FBA business, and has a promo code for almost every valuable software option on the market. There are even coupon codes where you can receive your first month for free! Check out Project FBA’s website for more promo codes, coupon codes, and discount options!

Is Feedback Genius only for sending feedback emails?

It’s not! You can compose and customize messages that contain anything you need to communicate with the customer. Some users use the tool to reinforce their brand and display their name and logo in their emails. We recommend that if you purchased Feedback Genius using one of our discount codes or a coupon code, use the tool however you want! You can find every coupon code you’ll need on Project FBA’s website.

How can I accommodate repeat customers?

Feedback Genius can send custom templates tailored for repeat customers and exclude them from receiving emails meant for first-timers. This option isn’t standard in all email feedback tools, so make sure to take advantage of every coupon code, discount, and other Feedback Genius coupon you can find. You’ll be able to find plenty of these coupon codes on Project FBA!

Feedback Genius Alternatives

Feedback Genius alternative tools for Amazon email automation would be Feebdback Whiz with the added bonus of being able to add GIF imaged to your email templates.


Feedback Genius is one of the most amazing tools for email feedback and Amazon seller analytics on the market right now, and we recommend it highly. We know it can get expensive to use tools like this, so make sure to use our Feedback Genius coupon code to get the best deal on this fantastic tool.

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