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How to Change Amazon Store Name? | Everything You Need to Know

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Names are powerful. They define an individual or brand and, in some cases, give a sense of identity.

An Amazon shop is no different. While in recent years, naming an Amazon store hasn’t been a big deal for most merchants, that is changing. An Amazon store name is a vital part of brand building, especially in a platform where you are competing with over nine million sellers.

If you’re an Amazon seller and are looking to change amazon store name to a more suitable one, then read on. Not only will you discover how to change your business display name, but you’ll also learn some tips and tricks along the way.

Use Amazon Seller Central

change amazon store name

If you’re an Amazon seller, you can use Seller Central to change your display name on your account. As well as changing your brand name, you can also change your legal business name and tax ID structure.

Amazon Seller Central is the main interface used by store owners to market and sell their products and brand. It works by linking your company directly to customers within the Amazon marketplace and storefront.

A Seller Central account is considered to be either a marketplace or third-party Amazon seller.


  1. Open Seller Central.
  2. Head to your settings and click Account Info.
  3. Click on “Your Seller Profile”.
  4. Ensure all the required fields are marked, such as logging in as the main Amazon account holder. This is so you can edit things and make any change you need to.
  5. Once you’ve published required fields such as these, click “Edit” on your store details.
  6. Update your display name, along with the account info and data for every country you are selling in.

Use Amazon Name Generators

When it comes to creating a brand name for your Amazon company, you can use online name generators alternatively. Simply type in the kind of product you sell, along with related words and categories, and allow the generator tool to do the work for you.

Some other great sites you can use are:

Shopify Brand Name Generator

This free site allows you to start selling your products quickly by helping you choose your store name in a matter of clicks. It also helps you secure the details for your domain name.


Also free, this site allows you to change your brand name with a streamlined process. Simply type in a keyword, and the site will combine it with their selected list of adjectives, nouns, and verbs.


This service allows you to generate a store name by providing natural yet unique sounding suggestions. With an intelligent naming tool, you’ll be able to change the name of your store, allowing consumers to then view your rebrand on the marketplace.


To make your brand name more appealing, this site replaces 20% of all vowels with other vowels and 20% consonants with different consonants. This makes for a unique Amazon account, along with a memorable domain address.


This site allows sellers to generate short, branded names that will be relevant to their Amazon business. When you save a particular name, the algorithms learn your name preferences and give you more suitable recommendations over time.

Should You Use Keywords in Your Display Name?

The benefit of keywords used on your Amazon storefront name is debatable. Some pros and cons could either benefit your page or not support it. This is entirely down to your personal business preferences. However, both sides of the argument are listed below:

Using Keywords

There are benefits from the SEO side of things, including customers relating to brands, therefore increasing sales. However, keywords seem to work much better in product descriptions, including a video or product link. People are more likely to subscribe and contact your store through keywords when it comes to a product post.

Not Using Keywords

Because your store may have many keywords, it may not always be feasible to include them in your name. For example, using excessive keywords in a title that cannot be over 3 words can prove to be quite difficult.

What’s more, specific keywords may only be relevant to a certain product post. Unless you have sold or are planning to sell a small amount of products, it may be wise to stick to keyword use in storefront descriptions.

Is Your Amazon Store Name Already Taken?

With thousands of people selling on Amazon, it may take some time to create the perfect name, as your idea may already be taken. What’s more, you may find you have to change it multiple times until the name is accepted.

What You Can Do

With this in mind, the process of choosing a name involves not entering an existing one. This is because pre-existing business names will not be able to be selected. If you already have the domain name of your brand, it’s advised you choose something similar to that. This is so your customers can find out more about what you sell as well as each individual product you create.

To avoid your account info already being taken, you should avoid special characters and spaces. Instead, use short phrases or single works when using either Seller Central or any other name generator.

You should also search for features, media, or videos that may suggest an Amazon account has a similar name to yours. Quickly adapting your name and settings, especially if the seller is on the larger scale and is a registered trademark business, will help you avoid infringements and legal challenges.

Submit to Amazon to Double-Check

When you’re happy with your store name, you will need to submit it to Amazon to make sure it’s available and can be classed as a registered business. What’s more, if you are planning on building your brand even further, you should search for whether the domain is available. You should also search for trademarks to make sure you can scale the business to a more professional level later.

Register Your Brand Name

Once you’ve chosen your name, you’ll need to get your account registered before you can start selling. Not only is this for tax reasons, but it will also stop you from accidentally naming your shop the same as someone else. Do your research as previously advised, edit and change your name until it is unique, and you’ll be able to start selling legitimately.

When registering your name, you’ll also need to sign certain requirements for your Amazon settings to be correct. For example, these fields are marked comment, name, email, website, etc. This required information will combine your details with your Amazon name, ensuring you can embark on a legitimate selling journey.

Let Your Amazon Storefront Thrive

After a change in name, use this to your advantage to focus on sales and increasing your brand visibility. Why not offer a sale in celebration of your new name, create a product video or encourage consumers to subscribe to your store? These tools will only increase your search scope online and generate exposure for the items you are selling.

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