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What is BSR Amazon

Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) – Explained

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The Amazon seller world is known for its wide array of abbreviations. ASIN, FBA, FBM, CTR, and B2B are just a few you might be familiar with.

Yet another popular term in the Amazon seller world is BSR. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this abbreviation and how it can improve your reputation.

What is BSR Amazon? While sellers love to talk about Amazon BSR, few understand what it actually is. They may not know exactly what it means or how it affects their product sales.

If you want to better understand BSR, read on! We go over everything you need to know about this metric and whether or not it’s actually important to you as an Amazon seller.

What is Amazon BSR

Otherwise known as Amazon Sales Rank, BSR stands for Best Sellers Rank. Amazon assigns a BSR to a product based on its past sales. Because Amazon constantly updates its data, a product’s score may fluctuate hour to hour.

Note that the lower the number, the better the sales rank. So, you would want your product to have a #1 rank in whatever category it sells in.

Where Can You Find a BSR Amazon Score?

what is bsr amazon

Now that you know what a BSR is, you might want to know how your products rank. You might also want to check out how your competitors are performing.

Finding a product’s rank is easy. All you have to do is go to the product page and scroll down to the “Product Information” section. Here, you will see how it ranks in a certain category. A product can rank in more than one category, meaning it can have multiple BSRs. For instance, a laptop might rank #1,004 in Computers & Accessories and #215 in Traditional Laptop Computers.

You can also check products with the best ranks on Amazon’s Best Sellers page. Here, you can view BSRs from across different categories.

How Does Amazon Calculate BSR?

Amazon is somewhat tight-lipped about how it calculates ranks. However, based on observations and the general information the company provides, we have an idea of what determines a product’s rank.

Historical Sales Data

Amazon considers how well your product has sold in the past. This helps indicate how well it will perform in the future.

We’ve found that historical sales data is one of the main factors Amazon considers. Let’s take a look at this example:

Product A has 500 overall sales, and Product B has 400 overall sales. In the past week, Product A sold 50 units while Product B sold 100 units. You might expect B to pass A’s BSR. However, this is not the case.

Product A still has more overall sales (550) then Product B (500). B might move up a few spots, but its rank will likely not pass A’s.

Recent Sales Data

Aside from past sales, Amazon also considers recent sales data. This helps the company determine which products consumers are readily buying.

We’ve found that a product’s most recent sales weigh the most on its BSR. For instance, let’s say Product C and D have identical historical sales. In the past week, they both sold 50 units. However, C sold most of its units towards the beginning of the week while D sold most of its units near the end of the week. Amazon will likely award D a better BSR because it had the most recent sales.

Predictive Capabilities

Amazon focuses on analyzing both past and current sales data to come up with a product’s BSR. However, it also uses some predictive capabilities to generate scores.

This is why a newer product can outrank an older product. Even though the newer product has less overall sales, it can have a better score. This is because Amazon thinks it will perform well based on the listing, how well it performed over a short time, etc.


Sellers who want a good Amazon BSR might put out promotions or coupons. They think this will drastically increase their sales which will, in turn, increase their BSR.

This makes sense, but Amazon is one step ahead of those trying to game the system. Your BSR won’t drastically improve if you have a promotion or coupon out, even if your sales dramatically increase.

How Often Does BSR Change?

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon updates BSRs hourly. Even though historical performance weighs heavily on your score, recent sales also have an impact on it.

How to Track Changes to Your BSR

Considering how frequently BSR changes, it would be hard to keep track of it by yourself. Amazon seller tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 help you do this. These platforms collect the most recent data and give you accurate updates. They also come with many other features that will help you manage your Amazon FBA business. 

What does the BSR on Amazon Tell You?

When you have a good BSR, it fills you with a sense of pride as an Amazon seller. It shows that your product is performing well. A good rank also serves to impress your customers and even your competitors.

Aside from looking good, your rank shows how well your product is selling in a certain category. It doesn’t necessarily show how it’s performing against other items on Amazon. A rank can also show you how well an item is expected to sell, making it useful for finding items you might want to sell.

Is Best Seller Rank Really That Important?

Some sellers say that Best Seller Rank (BSR) is just a vanity metric. It is useful for finding good items to sell and giving you a general idea of your performance.

But, it is not the end-all-be-all of metrics. BSR is not the only metric you should concern yourself with. You should strive to earn organic traffic, have a high click-through rate, score good reviews, etc. Doing all of this will help your items perform well, and a great BSR should follow.

So, in conclusion, don’t get so caught up in your BSR. Focus on delivering high quality products, and the Amazon algorithm will thank you accordingly.

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