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Reverse ASIN Search – Find Amazon Competitor Keywords

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With so much competition in the world of e-commerce, small business owners need to do everything they can to rise above their competition. However, this is impossible if you do not know what strategies your competitors are using to attract customers.

If you are using Amazon to sell your products, this is even more crucial; there are so many competing businesses with products indexed on Amazon that it’s easy to get lost in the back of search results.

That’s why using reverse ASIN searches is your solution. Keep reading to learn how this strategy gives you valuable information about competitors and increases leads.

What are Reserve ASIN Searches

Amazon ASIN Number

A reverse ASIN search involves taking the ASIN or Amazon Standard Identification Number of a product and entering it into a search tool. The ASIN is a ten-digit code made of a combination of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies each product sold on Amazon. You can find it easily in the product description section of any product listing. Some reserve ASIN search tools can even search with just the product’s Amazon URL.

Once identifying information is entered, the tool will then tell you the keywords for the product you searched for. More sophisticated tools also can give you a host of other information about your competition that will help you make savvy business decisions.
Why Perform a Reverse ASIN Search?
It Gives You Data

Performing reserve ASIN searches on the products of your competitors can yield invaluable information.

Keywords are crucial because they are instrumental in enhancing your product’s visibility as well as traffic to its listing. Knowing which keywords they are using to attract their customers can help you to discover the keywords you should use.
It Brings You More Customers

Potential customers will not be able to purchase your product if they cannot find it. Using a keyword strategy like reverse ASIN searches is one of the best ways to ensure that your potential customers come across your product and purchase it. Once you get your strategy in place, you can work to achieve the highest keyword rating possible and watch the sales flow.
It’s a Fast Process

While you could spend hours upon hours manually looking at the product descriptions of your competition, running a reverse ASIN search takes minutes. As a small business owner, you barely have time to handle your day-to-day operations, let alone take on this extra project, so these quick searches are essential.

Using these tools is incredibly simple and requires hardly any SEO experience or knowledge. It’s as easy as copying and pasting a number.

What are Some Reverse ASIN Search Tools I Can Use?

There are a plethora of reverse ASIN search tools out there for you to utilize. If you are not sure where to begin your search, we have compiled a shortlist of some of the most popular options for you to try.

While some cost a pretty penny over time, almost all allow for a free trial so that you can be sure you will get your money’s worth before making a significant financial commitment. New search tools appear on the market every day, so be sure always to keep your eyes peeled for new developments.

Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool by Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector claims to have created the original Reverse ASIN Amazon Keyword Research Tool back in 2014.

The company states that it is still one of the most popular products it offers and that hundreds of thousands of sellers on Amazon have taken advantage of it. With over 500 million keywords in its database, the Keyword Inspector system is likely to identify any set of keywords your competition is using.

Reverse ASIN Tool

The tool also provides users with a TRUE Amazon Search Volume as well so that you can have an even better idea of how well your competition is performing. A free demo is available, and then additional reports are based on either a subscription or a credit system. Keyword Inspector currently offers this tool in nine countries with more in development.

Sonar by Sellics

Sonar is an incredibly easy-to-use tool that is entirely free with no hidden costs. You are not even required to sign up to use it.

Sonar also provides a keyword translator so that you can discover Amazon keywords regardless of the language and a PPC keyword tool display so that you can see what keywords your competition is using in their advertisements. This system uses real data from actual searches conducted by Amazon customers so that you can be sure the information is reliable and accurate.

Cerebro by Helium 10

Cerebro is a powerful tool that goes beyond merely identifying competitor keywords. With this program, you can also determine how many sales you need per keyword to appear on the first page of Amazon search results. You can even discover the rank position, keyword suggestions, exact phrase search volume, and much more.

Cerebro Reverse ASIN

The program allows its users to conduct two reverse ASIN searches per day for free. However, if you want more functionality, there is a membership that costs $37 per month or $370 per year.

Competitor Intelligence by Viral Launch

Competitor Intelligence is another powerful tool that will give you an in-depth look into the performance of your competitors. In addition to just finding keywords, this tool will also allow you to find underutilized keywords, search volumes, sponsored ad rank, and more.

This product will even notify you when your competitors make significant changes to their online presence. With this feature, you will always know what is going on right away and will never have to guess what your competition is doing. This tool is provided in all packages from Viral Launch with a discount for paying yearly as opposed to monthly.

This list of reverse ASIN search tools was by no means comprehensive, but it does give you a good idea of the kinds of options that exist and some of the features to look out for. We highly recommend doing your research to determine which tool best fits your needs and budget.


With over 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon, you cannot sit back and wait for your business to be successful. If you want to take your enterprise to the next level, then you need to have a clear understanding of your competition and how you can outsmart their strategies. Reverse ASIN searches are invaluable in this endeavor.

Stop guessing when it comes to running your business. The future of your business is way too important to be left to chance. Instead, let powerful tools like reverse ASIN searches provide you with data to help you confidently make intelligent business decisions. Because many providers offer this tool for free, there is absolutely no reason for you to not take advantage for the sake of bettering your business.

The size of your business and how much competition you have will determine how many features you need with your reserve ASIN search tool. However, every business could benefit from a stronger understanding of its competition. Stay ahead of the curve, and do not let others in your industry blindside your organization.

Start using a reverse ASIN search tool today; your business will thank you.

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