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Does Amazon Charge before Shipping

Does Amazon Charge Before Shipping?

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Amazon is the modern-day go-to institution that supplies almost everything we need within a really speedy timeframe.

As they soak up our dollars, Amazon has a few different setups for ordering items such as pre-orders, Subscribe and Save, backorders, and Amazon Prime membership fees. For all of these options, it is handy to know exactly when you will get charged.

For pre-orders, Amazon charges once the item ships or a few days prior to shipping. For Subscribe and Save and back-ordered items, Amazon emails a few days before the item ships and charges once it ships.

For Prime membership fees, Amazon charges monthly or annually, depending on what is selected during enrollment.  

One, two, or all of these Amazon ordering options might apply to you. Knowing when you are going to get charged can help plan things out and avoid surprises.

Here we explore if Amazon charges before shipping and unearth some more charging secrets from one of the world’s most lucurative companies. 

When Does Amazon Charge For Pre-Orders?

When Does Amazon Charge For Pre-Orders

When you pre-order an item, Amazon charges you either when the item is released or shipped. Occasionally, Amazon may charge a few days prior to shipping.

Even though you enter your payment information when pre-ordering an item, the card stays on file and is not charged yet. 

Pre-ordering is popular on Amazon since it allows customers to order items that are not out yet. If you pre-order an item, you’ll get in line to receive it once it gets released, and the exact timing of the charge will depend on the item.

Especially for high-demand items, it may be the only way to get your hands on a product without waiting for a long time after the item is released.

How Amazon Pre-Orders Work

Making an Amazon pre-order purchase is a similar process to any other Amazon purchase. The main difference is that you will not receive it right away because the item has not been released yet.

Between the time of your order placement and when the order ships, Amazon will send you email updates so that you can keep track of what is going on.

If the release date changes, you can manage or cancel your order if you choose to do so. Ordering an item on pre-order has the benefit of not only receiving it once it is released but getting the lowest price.

If the price does change, Amazon guarantees the lowest price as long as the item is marked with a “Pre-order Price Guarantee.”

At What Point Does Amazon Charge For Backordered Items?

If you order an item that is on backorder from Amazon, you will get charged when the item ships. At times, a seller on Amazon may have a product that they are temporarily out of stock.

Amazon allows them to list it as long as it will be back in stock within 30 days. If an item is on backorder, it will show when you got to purchase it. There will also be a date for when the item will be restocked. 

Note that if there is no timeframe for when the item will be back in stock, it is not considered a backorder item, and you will be unable to purchase it.

Ordering an item on backorder is the same purchase process. Much like a pre-order item, Amazon will email you when the item is back in stock and about to ship. Once it gets shipped, your credit card will be charged. 

How Is Amazon Prime Priced And Billed?

How Is Amazon Prime Priced And Billed

Amazon has two different billing options: monthly and annually. Amazon Prime membership fees are:

  • $12.99 per month (plus taxes)
  • $119 per year (plus taxes)

Paying for Prime annually will save you money over the course of the year, but for some, the monthly billing may work better. There is also a Prime option for students. If you are a student, you can get a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime.

After the free trial period ends, Prime student membership cost is half the amount as a regular membership – $6.49 per month or $59 per year. Prime will ask you what your intended graduation year is, and after graduation, your membership will change to a regular one.

You can end or pause your Prime membership at any time. Pausing your membership means you lose access to Prime benefits, but you will not get billed.

If you cancel your Prime membership without using any of the benefits, you can request a full refund. Otherwise, you may be eligible for a partial refund.

The advantage of a pause, if you won’t need Prime for some time, is if you use Amazon photos. Amazon photo gives you unlimited storage for your photos when you have Prime.

Pausing your membership versus canceling allows your photos to be where you left them once you resume your membership.

When To Expect Amazon To Charge for Subscribe And Save?

Amazon charges you for “Subscribe and Save” items when the item ships. There are some products out there that you know you’re going to need on a regular basis. Cleaning products, vitamins, or pet food can fall under that category.

When To Expect Amazon To Charge for Subscribe And Save

When you buy these products on Amazon, two prices show up: the “One-time order” price and the “Subscribe and Save” price. 

Amazon has a subscribe and save option that allows you to schedule regular deliveries of the item. Sometimes, the subscribe and save price is also lower than the one-time order price. Adding items to subscribe and save can also save you money overall.

If you have enough subscribed and save options, you can save 5-15% on the item. This is a great way to unlock savings on an item that you buy regularly.

Before each delivery, Amazon will send you a reminder email. The email will show you the items coming up in your subscription, the price, and any applicable discount.

This is a good time for you to check the price of the item in case it has increased since your last shipment. They give you a few days to change your order if needed.

You can cancel your subscription and save anytime or delay your shipment to the next cycle if you decide that you don’t need the item yet. A few days after the email, the item gets shipped, which is when you get charged.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when you will be charged may not make you financially stronger but it does make you more aware of outgoings and therefore puts you in a position to budget and plan more efficiently.

Hopefully reading this article has cleared up any queries you may have had about your Amazon billing and now you can pinpoint exactly where and when you will be charged for your specific purchases. 

Amazon’s current growth is monumental so their business strategies cannot be argued with. Until this upward curve starts to waiver or flatline then we can safely assume that it will be business as usual in terms of pricing structures and when charges are taken from consumers.

This is simply because, at present, it is working for both parties. 

Amazon has various ordering options which depend on the item you want and its availability. If you place an order on Amazon that is not getting shipped to you immediately, in all likelihood, you will not be charged for the item until the order ships.

This is not a standard rule but generally the way things work at present and have done for some time now. Unless there is a significant shift in policy, you can expect this operational standard to remain in place for the foreseeable future for all products on Amazon. 

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