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How To Ask A Seller A Question On Amazon

How To Ask A Seller A Question On Amazon

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Amazon truly has everything that you need. If there’s something you want, you can probably get it from Amazon.

Whilst Amazon ships and sells many of its items directly, the site also allows third party sellers to sell on Amazon. Some of these are endorsed by Amazon through Prime, whereas others are not. 

This is why you have to be careful with what you buy from Amazon, as not everything is endorsed by the company, and you’ll need to read the product descriptions carefully, and consider the delivery times, as not everything is certified with Prime for that one-day delivery that we love oh so much

Sometimes, you may not be sure about a particular product, or you may need to reach out to a seller directly because there is an issue with your order.

Whatever the reason is, you should know how to ask a seller a question or open up a discussion with an Amazon seller. Luckily, we are here to tell you how! 

How To Ask A Seller A Question On Amazon

Where To Ask A Seller A Question On Amazon

There are a few ways that you can do this, both before you purchase an item, and after you have ordered the item. 

Through The Product Listing Page

When you are online shopping on Amazon, you may see a product that you like, but have a few questions about it.

If you cannot find the seller information on the page yourself, then you may be wondering if you can reach out to the seller directly to answer any queries that you may have. 

To do this, you can actually access and message the seller from the Product Listing Page. Simply click onto the product listing that you wish to enquire about, and look for the seller’s name.

This should be near the right hand side of the page, and is usually underneath the part that says In Stock, or the Add to Cart  button. It should say something like ‘Sold by sellernamehere and fulfilled by Amazon. 

The seller’s name is typically a hyperlink, so you can click onto that to find their information, contact page, and other items sold by that seller. 

Once you click on the seller’s page, you will find a section that says ‘Have a question for seller’ and a button that says ‘Ask A Question’.

Once you click on this button, you will be able to message the seller directly. However, you will first see a tab that says ‘Tell us more about your issue’ and you can select a subject that is related to your problem or query. 

How To Ask A Seller A Question On Amazon

Then, you will need to follow the instructions to fill in and choose a topic for your question or message. This will be in the form of a drop down menu, and you’ll have to select the closest related option.

Some of the options are about shipping, refunds, returns policies and product details, which are most commonly why customers reach out to sellers. 

You may also be asked whether you are contacting the seller about an item on Amazon, or whether it is about an order you have already made with the seller. 

Once you have made your selections, you will be taken to a page with a text box for you to fill in. Then, you can type in your message or question for the seller to respond to.

At this step, we recommend that you give as much information as possible, especially if you have already made an order, including the order number, details of the issue, and any requests that you have. You also cannot use more than 4,000 characters in your message. 

If you have a complaint or your product is damaged, then you can also add in attachments, and provide photographs of the issue to help with your case. 

After you have written your message, you can click the button that says Send, and send your message to the seller. Amazon will then forward the message on your behalf, and will email you a copy of the message. This is so that the seller does not know your email address, and vice versa.

Most of the time, you should receive a response fairly quickly, but it is best to give it about 2 working days to give them ample time before you reach out again.

Customer asking a question on Amazon

If the seller does not respond to you, and there is an issue with your order, then more often than not, you will be able to resolve this with Amazon Customer Service. Alternatively, you can message a seller to resolve an issue through the Your Orders page if you have already bought from them. 

Through The ‘Your Orders’ Page

If you have placed an order with a seller, then you will be able to contact them through your Orders page on the Amazon homepage. You can also find this by selecting your profile in the right hand corner, and using the dropdown menu until you find Your Orders. 

Once you have located this button, select Your Orders, or go onto Amazon.com and click the Returns & Orders tab. Then, you will need to locate the order with the issue, or find the product that you have a problem with. 

After finding the order in question, you’ll want to select Get Help With Order, or Problem With Order. After this, you will find options to report your problem.

For example, you can request a refund, return or exchange and you can get in touch with the seller. If you cannot reach the seller in this way, then you can reach out to Amazon’s Customer Service team to resolve the problem through the Amazon platform. 

If there is no issue, then you can also leave feedback for the seller in this way. You should see a Leave Seller Feedback button on this page, where you can leave a star rating and a comment about your experience with the seller. 

Through Buyer/Seller Messages Page 

In other cases, you may need to communicate with a seller, or they may need to contact you.

For instance, if there is an issue with your order, such as the item is out of stock, or that there is a delay for your order, then the seller may try to reach out to you themselves. This is why you should check your Amazon account messages frequently, just in case. 

If you have spoken to a seller before, then you can contact them again by heading to Your Account, and finding your messages from there. You can do this by scrolling down the page until you see a tab that says Communication and Content.

There, you will see many options, but the one you are looking for is the Messages From Amazon & Sellers button. Click on this one.

Once you have clicked on this button, you will see an inbox page, where you will find all of your past messages and communications from Amazon, along with any sellers and third party sellers that you have connected with. You can also view your own messages here that you have sent to sellers.

If you’re accessing Amazon through the app on a smartphone or tablet, then you will need to head to Your Account, then Message Center, and choose the option that says Buyer/Seller Messages. 

After you have accessed your message center, you will be able to locate the seller in question, and communicate with them by sending another message. Again, you will need to open a text box and keep the message below 4,000 characters.


To summarize, if you need to contact a seller on Amazon, the process is really simple. Just follow the steps above before ordering, or open up a discussion with a seller about your order in just a few easy steps! 



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