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How To Get Back On Amazon After Being Banned

How To Get Back On Amazon After Being Banned

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Of all the companies that have experienced rapid growth, Amazon has to be one of the biggest.

For a company that was founded in Jeff Bezos’s garage, Amazon has grown beyond anybody’s imagination, and now they are an industry giant, with parts of the company straddling lots of different business areas.

But above everything else, Amazon is an online selling platform, and on this platform they allow other companies to sell their products. 

If you sell your products on Amazon, then you will know that there are strict rules and regulations which you must abide by. In particular, these rules and regulations surround the way in which you treat your customers.

Poor customer service, an ignorance of Amazon’s rules, and a general bad attitude towards selling on this platform will lead to you being suspended. Or even worse, banned. 

When you receive a suspension or a ban from Amazon, you will automatically be unable to access your selling platform. This can be a real cause of panic, and you might be wondering how you can reverse this decision.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at why you might be banned from Amazon, what the difference between a ban and a suspension is, and how to get back on Amazon after you have been banned. So to find out more, keep on reading. 

Why Might I Get Banned From Amazon?

If you have attempted to log into your Amazon account, only to be faced with a ban, then you might be truly puzzled as to what you did to deserve this.

For a lot of people, a ban, or suspension from this platform can be a real shock, so why does Amazon ban seller accounts?

Why am I Get Banned From Amazon

Well, the main thing that would lead to you being banned from Amazon is product quality. Amazon is a selling platform, and anything is sold under the Amazon platform is associated with the Amazon brand.

Due to this, Amazon is very strict when it comes to product quality and customer service. Anything other than excellent is simply not good enough. 

Amazon thrived because they produced excellent quality products. So, they carry out product quality evaluations into the products that sellers who operate on their site produce.

If your company fails the quality test, and has done this a couple of times, then you could be banned for selling substandard products. Likewise, you could also be banned if the products that you sell do not live up to the description of them on the product page.

If you plagiarized a product, or given unfair and inaccurate information in the product description, this could also lead to a ban. 

If you try and manipulate product reviews or use services to get paid reviews, Amazon will more than likely find out and suspend your seller account.

Finally, you might be banned from Amazon for substandard customer service. A huge part of online selling is customer service, so if you fail to respond to customer queries, complaints, etc. this will not be viewed favorably by Amazon.

Likewise, if you refuse to issue refunds, or charge for product returns, then Amazon could ban you. As we have said, Amazon has strict rules and regulations when it comes to selling on their website. If you don’t want to lose your account, you should follow these guidelines to the letter. 

What Is The Difference Between Being Suspended And Being Banned?

Before we take a look at how to get your Amazon account back after you have been banned, let’s first take a look at what the difference is between being suspended and being banned.

A lot of the time, people fail to see the difference between these two terms, and this is often because they are used interchangeably. But, in terms of Amazon’s rules and regulations, these two terms mean different things. 

Suspended Vs Banned on Amazon

If you have received a suspension from Amazon, then this means that there is still hope for your account. Most of the time, Amazon will hand out suspensions if they are not certain about the decision. A suspension is different to a ban, because a ban is permanent.

Technically speaking, a suspension would be permanent too, if you didn’t act upon it. With a ban, there is nothing that you can do to reverse this decision. Amazon has come to this decision because they had concrete evidence to support it.

But with suspensions, that evidence might not have been so concrete, which is why you are given the opportunity to appeal the decision. 

That being said, the majority of the time, Amazon will not hand out bans to sellers on the first offense. This would just be unfair. Instead, bans are usually handed out after multiple appeal attempts for suspension have been unsuccessful.

If you have been banned, then there is nothing that you can do to reverse this. Once your account has been banned, Amazon will stop corresponding with you, and you will never have access to your account again.

But, if you have been suspended, there is still hope. So, let’s take a look at how to get back on Amazon after your account has been suspended. 

How To Get Back On Amazon Seller Central After Being Banned

As we have said, if your Amazon account has been banned, then there is nothing that you can do to reverse this. A ban is Amazon’s ultimate punishment,  and they are not handed out lightly.

If you have been banned by Amazon, they have decided that you are not fit to sell on their platform, and this is why they have removed your account.

So, you will not be able to get back onto Amazon with your existing account if you have been banned. If you want to sell on Amazon, you will have to start again. 

But, if you have been suspended from Amazon, then there is hope for your seller’s account. Amazon’s suspension policy comes with the ability to appeal this decision. So, let’s take a look at what you need to do to get back onto Amazon after you have been suspended. 

If you want to regain access to your suspended Amazon account, you will need to appeal this decision. But before you make an appeal, you should check through your account to try to locate any areas where you have broken rules and regulations.

These will be highlighted within your suspension notice, but you should also check through your account yourself, as this will help your appeal.

If you find that anything within your suspension notice causes confusion, then you can open a ticket with the company to clarify why you have been suspended. Once you are armed with all the information, you are ready to appeal. 

In your appeal, the first thing that you need to do is acknowledge the reason you have been suspended. Admitting guilt for your actions will be very important if you want your account back, as will acknowledging the harm that your actions caused.

In your appeal, you shouldn’t say anything bad about Amazon suspending your account, as this will not be seen as remorse. The only way for your appeal to be successful is if you admit guilt, show remorse, and promise not to repeat your actions in the future.

As long as you can convince Amazon that you will change, and that you will provide outstanding customer service and top quality products going forward, then your appeal should be approved. 


In short, if your Amazon seller account is banned, then this is irreversible, there is nothing that you can do to gain access to that account. But, if your account has been suspended, then this can be appealed, and if you are successful, you will get access to your account again. 

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