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MerchantWords Coupon: Is It The Best Tool?

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When it comes to conducting thorough keyword research and optimizing Amazon listings, online merchants are constantly on the lookout for reliable tools that can give them a competitive edge. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, the right tool can make all the difference.

While MerchantWords has gained popularity as a keyword research tool, we have discovered compelling reasons why we do not recommend it as the go-to solution for Amazon sellers. Instead, we advocate for the adoption of Helium 10, a comprehensive suite of tools that surpasses MerchantWords in terms of features, accuracy, and actionable insights.

In this article, we will delve into the shortcomings of MerchantWords and why we firmly believe that Helium 10 is the superior choice for Amazon sellers seeking unparalleled success.

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What Exactly Is MerchantWords? And What Is It For?

For those who don’t already know, MerchantWords is basically a suite of keyword and product research tools for Amazon sellers.

It has analyzed 11 Amazon Marketplaces, over 1 billion products, and over 2 billion product keywords.

This makes it very well placed to help you to determine not only which types of product are selling really well at any given time. But it also clues you in on what sort of keywords are the best ones to use to grab the attention of your target market and make those sales.

What Are The Main Features?

User Interface

One of the great things about MerchantWords is its user friendly interface. Rather than bombard you with an overload of data, everything is much more streamlined and straightforward. This makes it perfect for beginners. There’s no learning curve to it and it’s easy to navigate.

Market Insights

The Market Insights tool lets you examine just how well your products are performing against your closest competitors. All you have to do is type in the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and you can order a report of similar products that you can filter.

Digital Shelf

The digital shelf diagnostic reports are powerful tools they give you your overall search rank, and come with a whole bunch of data. It brings up every page of each search where your product appears, along with the closest competitor products.

Emerging Trends

Emerging Trends is a tool designed to help you identify which products are currently trending, and it brings up the search volume for each product keyword.

Keyword Collections

As the name suggests, this is basically a tool for keeping all your product keywords organized.

The keywords are grouped together and are displayed in tables, which you can view by Amazon Search Volume, or by Depth. The Depth is basically a measure of the keyword’s search frequency and popularity. 

Classic Search

This is the name given to MerchantWords’ most basic keyword research tool. You search for one term, and you’re presented with a list of related keywords, and you are shown how well each keyword performs for that product.

Keyword Multiplier

The Keyword Multiplier is a really handy tool, too. You simply type in your primary keyword, and you get a whole bunch of synonyms, spelling variations and complementary keywords, that can give you some really great ideas for your SEO reach.

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Why We DON’T Recommend MerchantWords?

Limited Database and Outdated Results

One of the primary reasons we do not recommend MerchantWords is its limited database, which can hinder the effectiveness of keyword research. The tool fails to provide an extensive range of relevant and up-to-date keywords that sellers can leverage to optimize their Amazon listings. In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, relying on outdated keyword data can significantly impact sales and hinder the ability to stay ahead of the competition.

In contrast, Helium 10 boasts a vast and constantly updated database, ensuring that sellers have access to the most accurate and relevant keywords for their niche. By tapping into a comprehensive pool of keyword data, sellers can make informed decisions and discover untapped opportunities, enabling them to outperform competitors and maximize their Amazon sales potential.

Inaccurate Search Volume Estimations

Accurate search volume estimations are crucial for understanding the demand and popularity of keywords on Amazon. However, MerchantWords has been known to provide questionable and inaccurate search volume data. Relying on flawed estimations can lead sellers astray, resulting in misguided decisions when it comes to keyword optimization and product targeting.

In contrast, Helium 10 employs advanced algorithms and data sources to deliver precise and reliable search volume estimations. By leveraging this accurate data, sellers can confidently target high-demand keywords, optimize their listings effectively, and attract a larger audience to their products.

Lack of Advanced Features and Tools

MerchantWords falls short in terms of offering comprehensive features and tools that can support Amazon sellers throughout their selling journey. The tool lacks essential functionalities, such as competitor analysis, listing optimization suggestions, and product research capabilities, which are pivotal for staying ahead in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Helium 10, on the other hand, offers a suite of powerful features that equip sellers with the tools they need to succeed. From detailed competitor analysis and reverse ASIN lookup to product research and listing optimization recommendations, Helium 10 provides a comprehensive solution that empowers sellers to make data-driven decisions and maximize their Amazon business potential.

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